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hi, i am 20yrs old have a 4yr old girl Shaykia and a 3mth old little boy Leahm, and a wonderful almost hubby.want to chat to any other young mums out their.
hey how are u im 19yrs and have a 19month old boy named levi and another one on the way 5 months to go.. where are u from ?/
hi girls,i'm cat i'm 23(hope thats not too old for this thread),I have a 3month old boy named Jayden.
How are you girls going today?
Im 20 with a 2 months old boy.. do any of you get the looks from people cos of your age?

i do especially when they find out i'm not married or anything,but I dont care I love my lil man and I'm proud
i'm not married too and i always hated to go antenatal clinic without my boyfriend.. sometimes i just wanna poke their eyes out.. lol... i love being a mum young but its hard cos non of y friends have kids and i dont think they will for a long time.. sometimes i feel like they cant relate..

hey again,
It is a bit difficult hey,my friends have done the same thing to me but some of the huggies girls gave me some great advice,try not to let it get you down its just that they dont understand and if they are true friend they will hang around but otherwise have fun being a mummy and make new some new mummy friends.So where ru all you girls from anyway?
I live near Liverpool in Sydney.. what about you?

Hey there,i'm from Campbelltown,Sydney...thats nice and close by hey
hey gals well im 23 and have a 4month old hayden. I think its so much better to have babies while we young, we have got all the energy and plus we are still gonna be young and good role models when there teenagers, well i hope so anyway. well ladies would you be intrested in maybe creating a mothers group in sydney, of mums between 18-26. I went to one but felt out as i was the youngest one everyone was late 20's early 30's.
Hi Cat
Hey how are you?would you like to chat or meet up somehow.
My namw is simone, im 21 almost 22, i have 2 boys Liam is 4 and Riley is 2, we live in chester hill, msn is, feel free to add me.

simone sydney 2 boys

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