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Foster care mums and dads Rss

Hi everyone...
Just looking for a bit of 'personal information' on become a foster mum / dad.
I am a single mum of a 2 year old boy. We live in a great apartment in the inner city and for as long as i can remember i have wanted to be a foster mum. I'm not working at the moment and thought that now would be the perfect time to help out the community as i have plent of time on my hands (apart from caring for my beautiful boy).
Anyway i only want to start of with emergency care / respite care for children under 5 years. i have contact DOCs and they are sending me out some info on how it all works.
But i really wanted some insight into 'real' know, the good and bad.
Would be great to hear from people.
hi laura

my name is mandy and i am a foster mum would be happy to chat to you if you want drop me an email and good on you for doing this there are so many kids that need help out there

blessed mum of 3

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