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Would anyone be interested in... Rss

guess what - i may not make it as have dr's appt's that day to get this cast off my hand. im pretty bummed. plus i will have sil and niece on board.... im working on making it but im not so sure...

Hopefully we will be there too smile] . Me and both dd's.
Crap, sounds like this will be a good meet. I work Wednesdays so cant make it sad

Have fun girls.

I have a 2 year old now!!

Im going to have to cancel, Alyssa has come down with a cold this weekend and is not a happy chappy. So in the interest in public health, lol, we wont be coming.

Have a great day everyone, it looks like a pretty cool place, hopefully next time we will be able to make it.

Hey girls can't make it tomorrow as Mattaeus has got a cold. Hope you have a great day ladies.

we are dropping like flies, ladies.
where are we going again? it seems so far away from me.....someone draw me a map!

I appear to be one of the very few who are committed to going tomorrow. If anyone would like my mobile number just pm me.

Is OVER rude people

Im coming!
I even have my map ready!! I worked it all last night!

Woo hoo Lollibel, atleast there will be a handful of us.

Is OVER rude people

woot woot im nervous you will see me and not own up to being huggies mums as you will be so embarrased

LOL i am actually nervous too Mrs MM! Im nervous i will get totally lost and not know where i am to get help!

Did someone get you a map love?
BTW for the girls that dont know, my name is Amanda so you dont have to call me Lollibel! LOL
I should be there too if everything goes to plan lol.

BTW how are we going to know where the huggies mums are? I have a bright pink nappy bag so you will know that is meeeee.
[Edited on 09/07/2008]
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