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Would anyone be interested in... Rss

possibly i may come. dare i show myself lol. i will decide later. you never know, i may be a weedy girl with buck teeth, bad BO and a feral child, oh yeah i dont shave under my pits or my legs, can i bring some beer?

Well if you smell like BO then we will hit you with the fire hose before you walk in the place. Pffft to shaving under your arms or legs, yes you can bring beer but make sure you disguise it in a brown paper bag...... he he he

Is OVER rude people

Hey girls, AT this stage my girls and i are a definate!

I will get some directions when it get closer!

I am a definite.... We are coming....

Mrs MM you should come it will be good to meet you... and I can only speak for myself but I promise not to point and Laugh at you..... lol

[Edited on 25/06/2008]

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

So are we still all go for next week??

Whos coming?

Manda, Bella and Lola
***Tracey*** and kids
Jeeny and cameron

who else?
Meeeeee, me, me, me!

When i got an email subscription in my inbox this morning for this thread... i thought "crap... it's on today, and i've missed it".

Phew... yes i'll be coming with my 2 girls..., school holidays doesn't start till the 11th, so my son will be at school.

Can't wait to meet you all smile

How will we recognise each other, for those of us that haven't met face to face yet??

Ribbons? Certain coloured top?
Any ideas girls??


LolliBel, I am definetly coming. You can add us to the list (Michelle and Emily).

I have a purple ribbon on my pram but doubt that I will be taking it in with me. So..... I might just tie it to my little black back pack.......

Is OVER rude people

Hi add myself and DS to the list (vanessa and mattaeus)
DO you think its still worth coming if we will get there just before 12?? Dont want to rock up than everyone has left lol.

Hi Vanessa... i think most of us will still be there well after 12:00.
More then likely, some of us may even turn up fashionably late smile


Vanessa, I will still be there as Emily will be wide awake as she won't be due for her nap until 2pm. Plus, we only live locally so I don't have a great distance to drive home.

See you there.

Is OVER rude people

LOL I might get lost yet so i may not be there by that time!!! LOL

I hope to be.

Jenni, do you think we need to book a table or something??

What about name badges or something?
Fingers crossed I should be able to make it!

So you can add Nat and Alyssa to the list.

Dont worry Amanda I will probably get lost to hehe, I have never driven out there before lol

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