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How did you meet? Rss

we were friends for a few years before then 1 day when i was 16 we decided ourt feelings for each other had increased and decided to give it a go now 4 years later we have bub and r thinking of ttc#2

I met Domonic at work, we both work with people with disabilities. Our company doesn't like couples working together, so we kept it quiet! Been together five years, married for two. We have a baby girl, Eve.

I love my 2 girls and my hubby

my DH and I met on Valentine's Day 9 years ago in a nightclub. I had spent the entire night checking hime out but was too shy to go chat to him and he spent the night trying to think of ways of talking to me (but was also thinking of how to do it with a back up in case I told him to rack off, i.e. pretend he was talking to his mate). Eventually he decided to stand on my foot and then wait to see if I abused him or spoke to him - I spoke to him!!!! We got engaged on Christmas Day 04 and married New Years Eve 05. Our beautiful little girl was born April.

talitha 10.04.07

Hi Sarah,
WOW, your stories sounds very interesting smile
I meet my partner through mutual friends. We actual got together to make his ex jealous and ended up clicking. From the moment I met him I said to my friend 'i feel like i've known him for ages'. 3+ years on, we have our house and now trying for bubs....not even going to begin to think about how we will pay for it all smile

We met at high school in 2000 and been together ever since

Mummy to 3 little goblins

I was 17 when I met DH he was 19, I pulled out of a maccas with friends and he pulled up next to us at the traffic lights on a motorbike. he did a wheelie when he took off then slowed so we could catch up. I yelled out to meet us at the beach.(very popular hang out place of a night time if u were under 18)met up talked heaps. he went to bathroom and I had to drop a friend home so lost touch straight away almost. As fate would have it about 2 months later I was stopped at a different set of traffic lights and he pulled up next to me again. this time i told him to pull off the road and I got his number. We went to the movies a week later and from then have been inseparable. We have been together 6 years this coming saturday married for 5 years 2 months. have 3 beautiful kids and another on the way. I found my soulmate!!
I was 15 he was 18 an going out with my best friends sister, we all went rollerskating together on friday and saturday nights. I took him as my partner to my yr11 ball as a friend for my best friends boyfriend (they didn't now anyone from our school) he was very charming opening doors, pulling out chair, offering jacket when I was cold, dancing with me and I kind of liked it. His girlfriend dumped him and at my 16th birthday party he paid me some extra attention asked me if we could go out together and we've been together ever since.

"jill of all trades"

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I met my wife when I made an order for cleaning the house before Christmas. She was so energetic and smiled all the time. It hooked me and we started dating. True, I insisted that she find less hard work.
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My DH and I both worked at the Intercontinental Hotel in the city. I worked in the beauty /hair salon and he worked in Banquets. We crossed paths in the staff lifts a few times. I thought he was hot!! I still do !!!
That was 10yrs ago.
I haven't met my love yet. sad

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