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Greg & I met at local pub. I knew his friends and he knew my friends but we didn't know each other and sparks seriously flew from the moment we met. I now beleive in love at first kiss.

We've been together for 8 1/2 years and married for 2.

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I met my DH on a rifle range, (we were in the millitary) he asked me for a smoke on a break..... then lost contact and remet on a wharf in WA.... dinner, drinks, movie and 5 years later and 2 kids (3 at the end of the month). We have been married nearly 1 year.
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My DH and I met in Greece on the Ferry ride from the Islands to the mainland.
We were both on our way home. I was working in the UK and he was living in Europe.
We had one really nice day in Athens together followed by a really romantic night. We said our good-byes at the airport. He asked me to call him when I got back to the UK and I did.
2 months later I visited him for 3 weeks, we hit it off, fell in love then I went back to the UK to work and save some money and basically pack my stuff, because 3 months later I went to live with him.
He proposed to me during a ferry ride to Norway.
We've been married 7 years in June.

We met at a singles ball!! 3wks later he propsed, 9mths later we married, 11mths after that we bought our house and our son was born. This year we celebrate 2yrs of marriage...

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I meet my Dh when we were 14years old. I had just started a new school and the girl who had been assigned to show me around introduced me to him in the lunch break. I was smitten instantly but was so shy I just giggled everytime he talked to me. One morning when I had been there for about three months I finally had the nerve to go and talk to him before our classes started. It had been raining the night before and it was really muddy, he turned around and pushed me in a huge mud puddle. I was so embarressed and was crying my eyes out and had to go home before the school day had even started. My mum was furious the whole drive home she was saying "when I get my hands on that boy I'm gonna kill him" and I cried the whole drive home saying I hate him and I'm never talking to him ever again. By the time I had a shower and was cleaned up I came out and told my mother "I love him and I'm going to marry him some day". We started dating only days after that and here we are 8 years later, we have been married for almost three years have to little babies, my mother loves him to pieces and sometimes I think if we were ever to break up she would keep and the girl who was assigned to show me around is now my best friend and both our babies godmother. I thank god everyday that he pushed me in the mud because I have never been happier.
Your meeting with your partner, sounds the most Exotic.
If you go back to sail near greece or Norway, please can I come?

I met my fiance through a mutual friend. She set us up when we went to a pub to watch a pre-season AFL game last year (WCE v Dockers) We moved in together about 2 months later, and Charlotte was born on 30.01.07.

HI, my partner and i met in 1993 he was my cousins best friend. we both liked one another, nothing happened we were friends and went our seperate ways. we got back intouch in 2005. we had both seperated from 7-8year relationships he had 2children and so did i. Now we live together with our new 2month old son and my other 2boys.
I met hubby at his little sisters 18th birthday night in Newcastle. Didn't see him again until my birthday almost four months later (again in Newcastle) and we have been together ever since. Just over four years now, married for 2.5 months.

I tell everyone he was the best birthday present i have ever had!

(Ok so truth is we probably met in preschool, we have photos where we are both there, dont remember each other though. Didn't go to school together, lived less than 10 minutes apart (he lived two doors down from a highschool ex and we didn't meet?) we went to different primary schools as i went to the catholic primary and he to the public, went to different high schools as i went to the public and he chose not to go to the local high school, so our lives have run very close to each other and we just hadn't crossed paths. I believe we were meant to be)
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My DP and I went to playgroup, kindergarten and first 5 years of primary school together, then my family and i moved away. anyway i came back for a holiday a couple of years ago to see the relies and we met up at a party and spent the rest of my holiday together pretty much. so when i went back to tassie (where my family were living at the time) after two weeks of being home i decided to move here! we have been together ever since. We are engaged and have our baby boy!
(i think we were meant to be together)


I met DH at a hotdog stand after the pub. I was drunk and asked him if i could have a bite of his hotdog!! Even more funny he was sober and said yes lol. I had just come out of a 3 year relationship and wasnt expecting to meet someone new but everything just clicked into place. We have been together for 3 years, married for 1 and a half and have a son 2 and a half months. And nobody thought we would last because we are very different and DH is 6 years younger than me. Oh how wrong they were!!!

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