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Anyone buy a used car from a dealership before? Rss

How was the interest rate?
How old was the car?

I know risk is higher .: bank charge more interest etc.

Thinking of getting 1-5 year old vehicle next.
Well it all depends on the car model. For instance I bought Audi A3 2009 for $9k. It was the best deal that I have ever had with a dealer. Also I had a pre purchase inspection. A vehicle inspection by the experienced team will help to resolve any concerns so you can buy your car with confidence. I suggest to ask help here. One of their Warrant of Fitness (WoF) approved Inspector’s will inspect your vehicle and email you a full PPI Report.
Last car we had was an Audi A1 and about 4 years old at the time.. worked fine. I find that if you buy a used car from a dealer, make sure you know what you're after. We test drove brand new A1s and from private sellers too. The older the car the more of a risk it is. If you're getting one under 5 years old I think you'll be fine.
I have been thinking about purchasing a car as well.
The response give me a basic understading of how i need to buy cars.
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