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Today I really felt like going out and looking at the shops. So, even though baby hadn't slept well, I took her out with my mum. She had a little sleep in the pram, but when she started fussing I knew it was time to go. So we got back in th car and headed home, at that point baby started really crying hard. She must have been really hungry (she didn't feed well that morning) and tired (we've been trying to transition from bassinet to cot (unsuccefully))., so I pulled over on the side of the road and feed her, then took her home and put her to bed. My problem is I'm feeling really guilty for going out shopping and enjoying myself, when I should have been getting her to have a proper sleep.. Thoughts anyone?
Don't feel guilty it is important to get out the house. Bubs will be fine. Don't stress to much over sleep.
Nah certainly don't feel guilty. I can understand why you would though.

What I found helped me was doing my best to make sure baby was fed before any outing. I actually still to do this day make sure I plan my outings around this one area. I also take extra just in case. I found regardless of age if they were tired they would eventually sleep whether at home or on the go.
I also found that fussing would occur if they were tired, but if they started crying it was because of hunger. So for me, i decided to always make sure hunger was never a problem whilst we were out.
Straight forward method - Full puku + fresh nappy + nice and warm ... will equal a very settled baby on an outing.

Certainly don't worry if your in a shop and baby starts to fuss because they are tired. Does your baby use a dummy to go to sleep? If so, you could try not using at all whilst they are having their wake time, then when you notice they are starting to get tired and fussing begins, you can offer it to them as a way of acknowledging that you know they are tired and it is okay to go to sleep. Then carry on browsing or doiing whatever it is you are doing.

I still do these things with my son now (he is 7mths nearly 8mths). I just make sure he is well fed before we go anywhere. If he wants to sleep, he will. If he doesnt he wont. Most of the time, he will want to be engaged with whatever it is we are doing. and if I know he is becoming tired I offer his dummy to him so he knows that I know he is tired. But alot of the time he stays awake until we get back into the car to head home then he is out like a light bulb.

Good luck with everything. Try getting out more often. Baby will love it too! grin
Do not feel guilty. Getting out of the house is important for the both of you.
i definitely felt the same way a few times early on, but you have to remember that you both need to be kept happy and healthy. bub will be fine - plenty of opportunity to sleep and feed if you're just heading out for a small part of the day. you keeping your mental state healthy is incredibly important!!
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