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7 seater vehicle with anchor pooints Lock Rss

Hi ladies

I am trying to find a 7 seater vehicle (I say vehicle as its a good possibility that its not going to be a CAR) that would comfortably seat three children in carseats/booster seats and be able to seat a 4th carseat if needed.

Does such a thing exist?
We have a Kia Grand Carnival and it came with 5 anchor points. We needed four as well.

I'm sure plenty of others come with 4 or more these days.

I want to know this too!!! But we need a 4x4!
Have you look at any yet PrettyLittlePearl?
Can't find any!
I just did a quick search under....4x4in australia with 4 anchor pionts. Yes include my typo as they didn't come up when I corrected it!

Not sure if you're after new or used. These are a bit old, but there are some suggestions in the 2nd and 3rd items if you go into them a have a look. Maybe the newer models have them too, maybe not.

Didn't directly want to post them as they may get deleted.

Try a Ford Territory? Or Toyota Prado? I have friends with 4 and 5 kids and they have boosters anchored in in the very back seats. I dont know if they are original anchor points or if they have had them put in.
Boofarama what year model is your carnival?

I have just come across a 2004 model with 220,000km but engine rebuilt at 103,000km. Only half hour away and $3000
It's a 2012 kjg85. Sorry I can't help much with the earlier models as we didn't really consider the Carnival until we really struggled to find a car with the features we were after.

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