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Any tips on natural energy boosters during pregnancy? Lock Rss

Exercise, eat red meat, breath, yoga - for sugary pick me ups try fresh fruits. Could be the blood flow to the baby, reduced oxygen in the blood. So iron rich foods help. There is a great baby yoga class in Brisbane for pregnancy. I personally wouldn't go for processed pick me ups, usually high in sugar and make you feel worse in the long run.
TCN21 wrote:
Great that you're starting to find things that are or might help you along smile I had a mandarin the other day that was sweet and juicy and that seemed to perk me up a bit to! So strange how your tastes change so much when pregnant. I used to have no stop button when it came to chocolate, but now I also either don't even feel like it or am happy with just a small bit (which is probably a good thing!).
Good luck for Sunday smile

Yeah mandarins are da bomb right now. Lol. It is kinda nice not craving chocolate and sweets but I'm still getting over how different my taste is. My nails are looking great at the moment so I must be getting plenty of calcium. tongue
Thanks Mrs Claus. I've been getting out for walks when I am not too sick and still getting my housework done so at least I'm getting a bit of energy in leaps and bounds. I've been wanting spaghetti a lot and other foods high in iron (I was eating bags of spinach and rocket at one point, the doctor says my iron levels are better than before I was preggers. Lol) I don't like processed foods either but I was craving meat pies for a while so I know that wasn't too healthy. I tried doing regular yoga a little while ago and had trouble sitting still for it but might look into pregnancy yoga, thankyou for your suggestions. smile
Hello Panda,

Hope you're feeling better. It should pass soon and you'll have lots of energy before bubs arrives!

Have you had your blood sugar levels checked lately? Might be an idea to see if they're all ok.

Also, I had ginger and lemon tea to stop my nausea and dizziness... I only had it weak as I don't love the taste but waited till it was cool and skulled it down smile

All the best, good luck!
Have you tried dried fruits? Raisins, prunes, and figs are loaded with sugar and it should give you plenty of energy.
I found hydralye iceblocks helped with the nausea and also with feeling 'low' They have electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium etc, all the things your cells need to function) and glucose for energy. Making sure you are drinking enough water is also needed as being hydrated helps blood flow and may decrease the faintness/dizzy spells. Have your blood tests come back negative for anaemia as that can also cause bad dizziness/faintness?
Thankfully my nausea has gone now (which is amazing as I had it the whole pregnancy with my dd) I've started having trouble catching my breath though which I thought was anxiety but I've heard it can be linked to low iron, my energy did perk up for a while but now I'm feeling exhausted and super moody all of the time. I've been eating a lot of fresh fruit and veggies (particularly loving broccoli at the moment), heaps of oranges and strawberries and seriously craving red meat at the moment, I don't think I've had enough appointments to properly monitor mine and bubs health though. I've only had one ultrasound and bloodworks done at 6wks which all came back spot on but I'm nearly 17wks now and I feel as crappy as I felt at 30+wks in my last pregnancy. (aching lower back, sore just inside my thighs, exhausted) plus I'm getting cold sores, headaches, mouth ulcers, acne, thrush, depression and the shortness of breath is really getting to me. I'm going to ask for more bloods done at my next antinatal appointment and I should be getting my next ultrasound done then as well. I just don't understand how I'm still so depleted when I've been eating so many healthy foods plus taking Elivate every day. Newagemumma, I have some of those iceblocks in the freezer and I wondered if they would help but I wasn't sure if they'd be safe to take in pregnancy as I'm already getting sodium and potassium in my multivitamin as well as from the foods I'm eating. I did mean to look that up actually.
Maybe see your doctor to check iron levels. My three pregnancies I have been low in iron and am now on prescribed tablets for this pregnancy. Your symptoms sound exactly the same as I've had before going on tablets.
I had bloods taken when I went into hospital for an infection and they didn't mention my iron levels at all but I started doubling up on steak and baby spinach in my meals and snacks and my breathing has improved. smile Hopefully I can keep them up without any supplements. I just found out that I'm having a baby boy so maybe that's why this pregnancy is so different. smile
Hey darling. I had the same problem during my first pregnancy. I was addicted to the coffee. I decided to shirk my habit. Though, it was hard and complicating. I was often lethargic. Then, I decided to go for some juices and shakes. Yoga also helped me in giving some energy. You must search different websites to find out the alternative to your addiction.
I am expecting a baby soon, and there is nothing like coffee that boosts my energy during this period. I do have migraine issues and coffee sometimes aggravates my condition. But it is the one absolute thing that keeps me kicking throughout the day.
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