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why cause MIL has left & back in her house by now.

I was over her being at our house by last weekend. Hubby had enough after a few days with her.

She spoke behind my back & hubby told me what she said & he told her off. He said she said to him that i was ungrateful for the ring her gave me (will post a photo up later) and for the flowers my mum & brother had sent me. Hubby told her that i just had a c-section & i was very sore & was i meant to do cartwheels to show her how grateful i am. Now i am very grateful. I have said thank you to hubby & my mum & brother a few times for the gifts.

Then when i saw the midwives the other day even she notice what mil was like & said that she was causing me stress over things. And that maybe the reason why my milk supply wasn't doing that great.
MIL ask me to put a load of washing on & i didn't reply since i was talking to the midwives about how to get my supply up & how to help bubba gain weight (which is almost at)

I told her like the midwives had said i don't have to worry about that & all i have to worry about is getting better & my 3 kids & myself & nothing else.
I even told MIL to stop stressing me out.
Hubby had a go at her & said leave her alone she trying to recover from a c-section & doesn't need you on her back. MIL replied SIL doesn't act like that towards me. He said she not my wife & leave her alone.
I was in tears to my mum with everything & she said she wish she came down instead of MIL.
That night we had it out with her cause of everything. Hubby said his piece & i told her that if someone has a go at me or hubby i normally tear their heads off. And she & FIL & the rest of the family blame me for everything. And i can't do the washing since i am not aloud to reach over & to lift heavy thins. Hubby said that i had ask him to put the washing on but was so busy with work & getting our eldest son to school & picking him up he forgot to do it for me. I also said i couldn't be myself with her around cause i worry that what i say or do will come back to bite me & she said so keep your mouth closed. And i said no i'm not any more.
And she got up & walk off.
She even said she hope this lady she knows dies & i said that was cruel & that i would never ever wish that on someone i didn't like. Hubby told her that she was wrong to say that.
Then last night she wanted hugs off the bubba & wouldn't hand her over.
MIL complained the whole time of being down here. So no xmas visit for us. And hubby told her not to go telling anyone what happened down here cause she will put the blame on me & not tell the truth.
And to top it off she over ruled me yesterday with the boys. She told little master off & i said he was doing what i told him to do. I told him to pack it up & tidy up & he was doing that. I even told hubby that & he said he glad she gone home.

So hopefully now no more post about MIl cause i don't think she will come near us since she learnt that we don't need her around & she can't controll us anymore.

Wow just wow. I thought my MIL was bad, yours is 10 times worse.
I've had a c-section and know how painful recovery is. No wonder you had supply issues.
Luckily you now live in separate states and hopefully you won't have to deal with her for a long time. I'm hoping now that she's gone, things settle down for you.

I hope you can relax now smile I can't believe how some people can't see how selfish they're being. I'm glad your husband sticks up for you smile
I'm glad too. And i can see my supply is starting to go up.
MIl sent me a message on fb last night about something to do with slings that was on 7 news last night. Told hubby that i bet it was a someone who didn't use the same sling has we got & something happened to the baby. She honestly thinks i put bubba in the sling and don't care. I check on her every 2 minutes to make sure she safe. And i have one of my hands around her while she in it.
Hubby told me to tell her that we used it with the boys so we know how to be careful with it.

Some people need to realise that IT isn't all about them.
She almost sounds like my mother but worse. I'm glad she's not still there and you can finally think about you and your new little one. smile

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Just ds and i wrote:
Some people need to realise that IT isn't all about them.
She almost sounds like my mother but worse. I'm glad she's not still there and you can finally think about you and your new little one. smile

The midwives said that MIL thinks everything about her & it's not. It was good to hear a complete stranger agree with me.

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