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I finally had my little girl last friday. Both the boys love her so much. My little master was in love with her the minute he saw her. Little man wasn't sure what to do with her. He now loves kissing her & stands next to her when she cries & says shh.

Hubby doing most of the house stuff which i feel guilty about.

I'm sore but very happy.

She lost abit of weight since we had her but the midwives are helping me getting my milk going cause they think with the stress of everything, it should be coming in any time now.

Congratulations smile

Aww congratulations Blessings on the arrival of your little girl. I've been wondering how you were going. What did you name her?
I'm sure your 2 ds's will love having a baby sister. smile

Congratulations smile don't feel bad about your hubby doing most of the housework. You need all the rest you can get and housework is far down on the list of important things for you do to right now.
Congrats smile

Congratulations blessings! Hope you can get your milk supply going and not feel too stressed. Don't feel guilty about your hubby helping out, I imagine he might like being helpful and I say let him and rest up while focusing on baby smile can I ask what you named her?
That's lovely news blessings! Congratulations smile
I will update more once MIL leaves on the weekend.

I'm hoping that the 3 kids will love each other most of the time.

Hubby gave me a beautiful ring that got 3 different golds on it to stand for all the kids. I didn't know he got it maded which i love he did.

Congrats !
Big Congrats Blessings smile

Ooh that ring sounds lovely! Good work hubby!

and don't stress about the housework!!!!

Congratulations again blessings, would love a pic if you can smile

how gorgeous that your hubby had a ring made for you, love it.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Congratulations blessings! And what a keeper your hubby is. Enjoy the rest while you can I say. Can't wait to see a pic smile
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