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Tad teary today :( Lock Rss

9 years ago my little girl came into the world....Happy birthday Emmy!! I have had a little cry today as it has really hit me that she is getting older - still can't believe it was 9yrs ago smile
Happy Birthday Emmy. smile I know what you mean, dd1 will be 7 in May and dd2 will be 3 next month. My babies are growing up too quickly sad

Happy birthday to your big girl! The tears are understandable. I hope she had a great day, did she have a party?
Happy birthday to little Emmy smile hope she had a great day x

Hugs Mel xx

Happy birthday Emmy! smile
Thanks girls, after all this time I still can't believe how fast it is all going. I look at Noah & in 3mths he will be 2! It just doesn't feel like that long ago, lol. Emmy had a nice day with us yesterday, she didn't have a party this year but we ended up going out for dinner with her basketball team & families on fri after the game as it was also her friends birthday on the same day. Now she is pacing the house driving me crazy waiting for the family to arrive today smile
Happy birthday miss em!! Hope she has a wonderful day!!

Gosh mel I can't believe our little babies are almost 2!!!! That makes ME teary!!
happy birthday to your lil girl smile

our babies birthday or just a few day apart, aren't they? my dd b'day is on the 24th june. i remember we were pregnant together and wrere going to be induced around the same day. wow, it feels like yesterday!

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

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