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EEEEK! Jas.... Lock Rss

woo-hoo go Jas grin looking forward to hearing an announcement grin All the best Jas

Woot woot! How exciting Jas- can't wait to hear an announcement grin

Jas, good luck with everything & hopefully you'll be holding your beautiful baby very soon.

Mine better not decided to come early, got no-one to look after my boys.

I keep checking back to see how your going.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Good luck Jas! Xx

Oh yay! Good luck Jas. Here's hoping for a speedy (but not too speedy!) labour. Can't wait for the news smile
All the best Jas!
I had a read of the March thread this morning it's getting exciting in there! Good luck Jas smile

OMG Jas! So excited for you grin I wish you all the best hun. You get your bubba soon! grin Can't wait to hear about everything. I'll be sticking around for updates. GBH!!! xxoo

Oooo how exciting!! All the best Jas. smile

Exciting! Good luck smile

Good Luck Jas hope it all goes smoothly and you have bubs soon xo

And in Jas style...

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