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Noah, Joshua, Leah, Oliver
Known as T wrote:
Isaiah and grace tongue bet no one would have guessed

Ohhhh...I've always wondered wink
I have Charlotte, Lachlan and Sophie and a new name to add to the list in 16 days smile
Known as T wrote:
I like it to be a secret laugh : lol:

Well, you are quite a secretive person tongue
I was just thinking the same thing! LOL smile smile
Nataliya and no finalisation for DD2 who is due in December, but we are leaning towards Katya.
Abby and Henry
EJ, short for Edward James.
No idea for the new bub yet. We live in Kirra but are planning to move and I actually kind of like Kirra as a name if its a girl

Mackayla and Arabella

Lachlan, Jayden, Cameron and Kaiden smile

Brooke, Paige and Cooper

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