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round two- bit different this time Rss

not sure if any of you will remember but a while back I started a angel card reading thread. I did many reading and enjoyed it so much, but after a while life go in the way and I didn't get around to doing everyone. and I feel bad.

another thing that got me a bit down was that some people never even let me know that they got there reading, so I asked them if they did, so if they didn't I could send it again (it was when huggies was having there brain fart moment) and they would reply with oh, yeah I did. now, just to be clear i'm not after praise, or fame or a parade or anything like that but part of doing a reading is to get feed back as to how it help you, this is so rewarding to me and that is why I do readings it gives me pleasure and a warm feeling knowing that I have helped someone or make there day better.

anyway, I've decided to do round 2 but this time I will pick the recipient. sometimes I feel guided to do a reading for someone because of a post or a reply they did and I also think it will be a nice surprise when you log in. but I want everyone to be ok with that. so reply if you think is sounds like a good idea and if we are not following each other send me a follow request. oh, and even if I have done reading for you before it doesn't matter it is not a once offer deal smile

so what do you guys think. deal or no deal?

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Sounds like a great idea hun, sometimes people need a little extra guidance, it's very generous of you.
GREAT idea!! You have absolutely helped me before with your readings and I really appreciated it so I think it is a lovely thing that you want to do this for people xo
I love that idea, how very nice of you grin

I would have loved for you to have done a reading for me last time, but I knew there were so many that wanted one done, and I didn't want to overwhelm you.
Sounds like a great idea to me. grin

ok cool, starts tomorrow.

athaye, you are one of the people I really wanted to do for, so i'm glad you replied smile

dazz-yay about the dream. dreams are our sub conscious trying to tell us something, so glad it got sorted.

3 little b's- that makes me so happy to hear. I actually prefer to give reading via internet so then you can always go back to it and at different times you take from it what you guides want you to know.

ilovemylilbugs and miskel- very happy to hear that smile

also I got some new cards and they are so awesome and dying to try them out grin

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Ooh really? That's exciting, and a little bit scary unsure wink

Can't wait!
Good idea grin

Sounds like an excellent idea. Would be very interested to see what it's all about. I've sent a follow request smile
no need to be scared athaye, it's all positive and helpful smile

mum of three cuties, I know it's hard to hear things sometimes and I did sense that and I remember that your reading gave me goose bumps cause cards kept jumping out of the deck. you are another one that I really felt guided to do wink

alien squid- since I was a teenager I would get visions (like daydreams) and then the next day they would happen and I would always have de ja vu so I knew I had so sort of gift but didn't know what. after I left school I went of the rails a bit but and found a lot of comfort in angel cards and astrology and was interested in dreams as I had very intense ones and often some parts of them would come true and I guess that's when it started. I've had a lot of people tell me that I scare them because when I did readings they were so accurate and they felt venerable and thought I could see there deep, dark secrets or something lol. but it's part of me now and for a long time I put it on the back burner and was to busy being a mum and work and life in general that I neglected it and I won't ever do that again.

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Sunshine&Lollipops wrote:
Very thoughtful of you once again smile

yay, you are another one I wanted to do smile

jas, should I do one for your alter ego marge too? lol

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

Tickled* wrote:
Sounds like a good idea smile I didn't ask you to do one for me last time because I saw how many people were asking.

I hope this encourages people to reply and start threads and ask things or vent because that's how i'm guided to people and sense when they need one smile

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

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