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What about a willow tree angel - they have pregnancy figurines

What about one of those flower bunches made out of socks and lil things for the newborn. You could do it online.
As for a gift when the baby comes a GroBag egg is one of the best things I ever bought.
How about a voucher for a pregnancy massage? Find someone properly qualified and who has the proper bed set up so that she can really relax.
I have recently fell in love with these, soo damn cute and look so soft and so much more comfortable and user friendly!

I made this last year for a friend, so simple and so impressive!

My DF cousin is 3 weeks in front of me and is having a baby shower for her first. I told her all the stuff etc that she would need and all the things that would go to waist, But i forgot the most important things...
So i will be buying her a hamper of:
Digital thermometer at $70.00
Nurofen for babies
Panadol for babies
Wind medicine
Teething gel
A whole lot of syringes
etc, etc.

I know it will cost a lot and even though we only see her once every 3-4 months she always brings my kids gifts at over $50 each, and im not of those types of people who only allow things to go one way..
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