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Medicare Question? Are blood tests bulk billed? Lock Rss

Or do you get a invoice from pathology?

I can't remember the last lot of blood tests I had bulk billed, I've been charged approximately $170 - $250. I paid for blood tests last pregnancy in 2010. I also paid this year for bloods to check general stuff like iron levels, vitamin levels, thyroid etc.

I don't have a healthcare card just Medicare. I notice there is a bulk bill option on the pathology referral that the GP can tick, but what requirements allow for that? Should I ask the GP? Or should I be saving extra money to cover blood tests as I'm TTC?

my doc always ticks the bulk bill section - just let the doc know that's what you prefer.I have never paid for blood tests.

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I'd just ask the GP if the test can be bulk billed. I asked once 'is there a cost associated with this test?' And was told 'well yes but I can bulk bill if you like' and he stamped the form and that was it. No requirements. I don't have a health concession either.
I'm only working one day a week now so I have to put money aside for everything. I want to aviod any surprises.

so long as your dr ticks the bulk bill bit they'll bulk bill it for you. No requirements beyond that. I went private for the last 10 weeks or so of my last pregnancy (moved so had to change drs) and the ob marked all my blood tests as bulk billed so didn't have to pay for them even though I was going privately.

I've never paid for any blood tests, and I have them pretty regularly due to my thyroid. I have always just assumed they were bulk-billed. I'm not on a concession card either. Not sure if it varies state to state though.
I think it has something to do with the pathology group on whether you pay or not, I've never payed for blood work.
All you need is a referral and look on
Most blood tests can be bulk billed. Some can't. I know that I've had to have a few that we had to pay for, mainly the earlier tests though. Any that I've had to have at the hospital as an out patient have not been fully covered from memory.

Definitely ask though.
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