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Alcohol lowers inhibitions, therefore people (not just men) say what they are too scared to say while sober.

That's so sad that he treats you like shit, you deserve so much better.

Mum always says when men drink they like to stretch the truth abit. My dad told me a story when he was not quiet drunk about his wedding day. I look at mum & she said there was some truth to it but he gone alittle over board with the story.

If he treating you like this, it's time to leave him. You are a nice person who should be treated like you are his whole world.

Ive been in your situation before with my 3older childrens father. He is now married and still a total drunk who mistreats his wife. Im glad I got out, even if it took me 9years to leave.

Noone should make you feel less than you are, especially not someone who's spose to LOVE you.

Totally agree with what mumof3cuties said
"A drunken mans words are a sober mans thoughts"

Does it matter if he means what he says or not? The reality is he's saying hurtful nasty things to you and being drunk doesn't make it ok I have been in a relationship with a drunk and it didn't end well thankfully we didn't have kids but he took a lot from me and really crushed my self esteem even now I still have issues within myself from letting him mess with me for so long. I understand it's difficult with kids involved but do you really want them to learn it's ok to act like that or accept someone treating them like that. No-one deserves to be treated like crap! ! Big hugs hun
Its mental abuse full stop.
No you shouldnt put up with it. No one should have to go through that.
Just wanted to send u a big hug xx
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