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Can anyone please tell me about what height their child was when they took them out of a car seat on put them into a booster seat. I am arguing with my 3 year olds father who believes he is big enough and I don't. My son is not here at the moment to measure his shoulder height in the seat but I know how tall he is. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Not sure what state you are in but there is pretty good info here
Its now law that children under the age of 4yrs old have to be in a child restraint with an inbuilt harness, so unless the booster seat has an inbuilt harness, he can't go in it yet. If you check your states road and traffic authority website, they have all the information there.
Actually this has a bit more info

If the booster has a 5 point harness it may be ok
Thats for that. My sons father and I are no longer together so this is tricky. He is saying that his solicitor said it is fine for him to be driving around in a booster seat using just the normal belt - no harness. I think this is very unsafe but don't know what to do. I have also found out that between our kids and his girlfriend there are 6 kids so 8 people in total. They have 2 cars but according to my 11yo sometimes all go in 1 car and just strap 2 kids into one seatbelt. I'm outraged!!!
Happy Head that article is so sad. I will show that to him for sure. Unfortunately he doesn't listen to anything I say. I really hope that shocks him to his senses.
I'm sorry, but since when is a solicitor an expert in the appropriateness and use of child restraints? Perhaps the solicitor is unfamiliar with the current road rules, the one you stated HappyHead (in nearly all states and territories)?? Hmmm...such things are tricky, but surely the information from your 11 year old should be told to your solicitor as it could be evidence of neglect on his part regarding the road rules/child safety/etc.

As a professional installer, I see kids who are moved up to the next level of child restraint too early for pure convenience. I could never live with myself if I knew of a way to protect my child but didn't do it because I was lazy and something horrible happened. I would never wish that for any parent.

Stick to your guns. Your child is worth it.
Today I checked with Kidsafe and went to the local police station to double check. Then I went and bought a new seat and left it on my ex's doorstep. I sent an email explaining what I had done and he basically just replied with thanks but no thanks. I just found the new seat chucked over my front fence. I'm so I found out that the booster he is using is an old one that is missing the strap that holds the belt in place on. When my son sits in it the belt sits across his neck and is so high it touches his cheek.
I would go to the police maybe and see if there is anything they can do. I cant believe the blatant disregard some people have for their own childrens safety. I would be angry too. I dont know what else you could do.
Well, that's so not on. It's not about you versus him, it's about your child's safety. And frankly he isn't providing it. Take it up with your solicitor and try to get some results that way. State your research findings (Kidsafe and Police station visits), because you are concerned for the child's safety, not to get back at your ex.

As a child of a divorced home, there is nothing worse than the petty crap the parents carry on with from a child's perspective. It is so hurtful for them, and they lose out in the end.

And I worry for your 3 year old, as they are being placed in a unsafe driving situation that as a professional, I wouldn't let leave my front yard (I work from home).

Do your best to keep it civil in front of the kids (even 3 year olds), and take it up with your solicitor as you will not reach into the guarded mind of your ex. You're right, anything that comes from your mouth he will not listen to. Even in relation to your child's safety, clearly.

Stay strong Mummy.
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