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Getting tubes tied at time of c-section?? Lock Rss

I was going to get mine done with my last c section but the doc did not like to do it at the same time as the c section.He would have , but prefered not to, for the resons you stated and also he said in rare cases it does not work(after a c section) as everything is swollen down there.He suggested wait 6 months and get hubby to get a vasectomy which is what we did but it was closer to 2 years lol
Its only day surgery for him with a local anasthetic ( or a general in surgery if he is a wus lol)

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I'm no help with this but my sil was going to get this done but went into labour naturally before he c-sect date, boy was she pissed lol she did end up getting one done and I know she's more than happy with her decision smile

Anyway, back to the topic at hand... wink

I had my tubes tied when I had my last c-section. It was a hard decision as my partner and myself so badly wanted a boy. We have 4 healthy girls and always said we would stop at 4. Some days I do regret it for the 'what if we had another it could be a boy' thought but realisticly I know we made the right decision:)

I have thought about it.
We have 4 girls and had decided 4 was enough. We would of loved a boy but we knew our hands were full and thought 4 would be it. God had other ideas and i am now pregnant with our 5th. We havent found out the sex yet. all my births have been natural and with no pain relief and that is what i am planning for this time. But it has crossed my mind that i could opt for a c-section and get my tubes done at the same time, alhtough i havent looked into it at all yet.
I am now 35 and apparently this makes me now a higher risk. Apparently being a 5th pregnancy it also makes me high risk. Having had 2 premmie babys, one at 30 weeks and one at 35 weeks, i am very high risk for another premmie, my placenta detached with my 3rd and my placenta started to lift with my 4th, so i have very valid reasons medically as well as why i it could be good for me to do it. but i have to admit the thought of it does scare me, especially when i read things like in previous post where the doc recommended waiting atleast 6 months.
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