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Leaving Baby Alone with Grandparents Lock Rss

Yep demand feeding. She was involved in the breatfeeding association so I was quite shocked that she suggested this. I have said no and my ex has said Im uncomfortable but she wont drop it. I'm starting to get uncomfortable seeing her.
I guess I hoped people would understand the bond I wish to keep and that I have given up my life to parent him this way. I really thought I was making a real effort seeing them, when I dont even know them myself! I wouldnt want to be alone with them so why would I put my 6 months old in that situation.
Thanks for your reply, guess I'm just trying to make myself feel better about the way I am doing things! We have enough guilt as parents without having grandparents adding more!
I refused to leave my kids without me being there until they were over 2 years old. I did however leave ds 3 once when i had to take ds1 to he hospital in an emergancy and dh had to the car seat and ds 3 was 3 months old. I still will not leave muy kids with dh's family without me being there because dh's dad smakes them and then doesnt tell me about it. You have every right to say no and just explain that you are not comfortable with it because of his/her age.

Yes I guess you are right, we naturally just want to protect our children no matter what parenting style we use. I'm almost making excuses for myself as she keeps putting the pressure on!
Not even my own parents would expect me to leave him so I definitely wasnt expecting it from them!

I really dont see the difference in me being there or not and it does seem very odd asking the mother to just leave their child
I've over protective over both my boys and i have left them with my mum & MIL but not for long periods of time.

You have every right to say no to them if you worried about anything.

In saying this it be good for him to get use to you not always being there. I say this from something that use to happen with my oldest. I never left him with anyone except with hubby for 2 years and when i had my youngest & would have to take him out my eldest would cry at the door and would stay there for 5 to 10 minutes after i left. If hubby & i both went out it was worse for him.

It really up to you, we can say what we think you should do but at the end of the day it's totally up to you to decided what is best for your child.

I think its really great you and your ex are able to still be friends and have visits like that, its awesome. I think its great of you to let the grandparents visit too. I agree with you but, it is too young, way too young, especially when you are demand feeding. I cant understand why she dosent get it. i
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