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I know some people drop weight really quickly post preg but at what point do you think you would say your post preg weight actually stabilised so you could set some weight loss goals. I have been told it is 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 3 months before your hormones, breasts etc settle down. What do you think? I put alot more weight on second time round and weighed myself at 2 weeks post preg and just about died, am now 8 weeks on and lost 5 kg since then but not sure if it is weight or just body getting back to normal..... am still 10kg above pre preggy weight and I hate it!!!!!!
Right there with you hun, 7 month's on for me and i've still got the 20kg i put on when i was preggo. Im finding it bloody hard to be honest just to shift a little weight. It's very hard cause im not used to having this much weight on my body.
To be honest I never made a conscious effort to diet or try to lose baby weight (30kgs of it). I breastfed, ate well and started exercising when DD was about 4 months old. I don't remember exactly how fast I lost the weight, but I know by Christmas, when DD was 6 months old I'd lost all but 7kgs of it and that last bit came off some time before her first birthday.

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Its been exactly 4 and Half months since i gave birth. It makes it so much easier when you set a goal before the birth of your baby, I myself made a pact with my body that i will eat all the rubbish i like while i was still carrying but once my son is born it is straight to exercise and healthy eating not starvation. I was very plump in my first pregnancy and didnt really recover from it. I tipped the scales at 40kgs heavier at the end of my last birth and within 6 weeks i lost 30kgs and was back down to my pre pregnancy weight. With exclusive breastfeeding and constant religious exercise regimes and quality eating not diet, quality being concious of sugar ans salt flour products, i got to my goal, my hormonal balance got back to normal very fast as i have a stubborn body when it comes to losing weight i have to work extra harder than the normal or average girl because ive been a work horse all my life, it was never easy but am glad i stuck with it. I continue to keep this up. I know that if i can do this any woman girl who does half of what i have done here will succeed beautifully. My exercise consist of a 10min stretch out and deep breathing and then circuit training and Tabata training. All done at home. altogether it takes 25mins. The biggest part is having a desire and passion to do this. It will help you keep active and have more energy to spend with your little one. Im not a fitness freak or a diet mama i am normal. this is what i know will work for mothers even straight after giving birth if this is where you would like to be.
It took me a good 14 months to loose the weight from DS. During my pregnancy and as soon as the doc gave me the ok to work out at 7 weeks I was at the gym at least 4 times a week. My problem was I wasn't watching my food intake. I have reached my goal and lost another 4kg. The body certainly isn't the same but at least the weights gone.

its still on! dd is 1 year and 1 month and im still as big as i was when i gave birth. i exercise as much as i can but my diet is the down fall drastically! my theory is ill be this size for a loooooong time i think....
I put on 17kilos during pregnancy. In the first month I lost 8.
When DD was 2 months I was 7 kgs up on per preg weight.
At 3 months 5kgs up on per preg weight.
Those last five kilos have been so, so hard to lose. DD is now 8months old and I have 2 kilos to go.
I put on 24kgs and it took me about 8 months to lose all that plus another 6...

after 6 weeks I started to exercise and I found I got quite addicted to the energy it gave me and the general 'good' feeling about myself. So I was going to my gym 4x a week for an hour once bub was in bed and hubby looked after her. I also went on lite n easy for a few months just because I couldnt be bothered with trying to organise my own food. I ate snacks aswell as that and the weight just fell off. I also breastfed for 1 year which I think helped a lot too

I lost all my preggy weight really quickly last time but exercised right up to my due date but due to complications this time I had to stop exercising at 20 weeks. I think it is the jiggly tummy that I hate but I am slowly getting back into my clothes!!! You would think that being a SAHM this time I would be able to fit in more exercise....... WRONG!!!!!
I was incredibly lucky and literally dropped all the weight within 2 weeks of having my son. In saying that I only put on 18kg during my pregnancy, went up 1 dress size and had a very small bump. I didn't start doing anything about my weight until I was 6 weeks postpartum. Although I dropped my weight, I still had a pudgy butt and thicker thighs.

It took me 2 months of walking everywhere, eg. To the shopping centre, to coffee with the ladies etc (averaging 2 - 5km a day) before I noticed real improvements tonality wise. I fell pregnant with our second 3 months postpartum and my pregnancy has been exactly the same only with absolutely no morning sickness. I have however been going to the gym 3 days a week for an hour a day and doing zumba, pilates, yoga and water aerobics classes once a week to try maintain the weight and keep myself as toned as possible.

I highly suggest that you invest in a skipping rope, basic cardio is the only way to burn the extra weight you put on. If you try skipping for 30 minutes and walking for 30 minutes, 5 days a week you will start seeing the weight drop and toning happen. It takes a while at first, I swear I saw no changes until I was at least 6 weeks into it and suddenly BAM it was happening. A lot of it is also watching what junk you eat, if you have the money I highly suggest you look at buying a Thermomix. I wish I had one during my pregnancy with my son as I have never eaten so healthily in my life and its so easy to live on an additive and preservative free diet and it doesn't take you hours to do so!
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