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Hi guys, well, I've reached 20weeks, and things have been a little challenging. I've had a couple of gushing bleeds, I have pre-eclampsia which I am on meds for. I've had a migraine for nearly 8 weeks, that is almost gone with the help of meds.
My morphology scan went ok, but needs to be repeated at 23weeks, to get some more accurate views of the heart.

AND I'm stuck for names, bubs dad and I can not agree on anything. We want something different, unique even, but we don't want the poor kid to be picked on for having a different name.
Throw your different names at me, for boy or girl, Im not finding out the gender. I need help with this one!!! Lol
hey Ricki - glad to see everything is going OK'ish - now.
good luck with the next 20'ish weeks chick wink
Oh I am sorry its been rough. sad Hopefully its on the up now.
Take care!
Sorry to hear it's been so stressful!!! Make sure to take care of yourself (:
As for names, they are so tricky!
I took ages to come up with a name that I fell in love with (: She's not even born yet!

Okay, so I'll throw some random ones your way;
For a girl:

and for a boy:

Those were some of the names I liked smile I didn't want a common name either! The biggest thing I got told was to try not to mess around with the spelling too much for sake of the childs schooling XD...
As for the teasing, kid's really can find anything to pick on a child about, it can be quite cruel!
Good Luck with the Naming!
It can be really fun grin

I wrote down her name ideas so many times, and put the names with the last name and tried different middle names and found it really helped.
My mum on the other hand, had chosen two names for her children and decided on the big day grin

Oh Ricki so sorry it's been a stressful time for you and your family. I'm glad your scan went well though. I hope the next 1/2 of your pregnancy goes smoother. Take care hun smile xx

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