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In shock, pregnant again already!!! Lock Rss

Congratulations and happy anniversary!!!
Well second test has confirmed it! Now it's getting real. I just want to know how far along I am.

I will definitely be talking to my dr about drinking early in pregnancy and getting them to keep an eye out for anything abnormal. I think this is the main thing that is stopping me from getting really excited just yet!

As of now I don't trust the pill either. I should have known better considering I was a pill baby.

I just want my husband to hurry up and finish his course so that I can share the news with him!!
I have 23 months between 1 and 2, then 16 months between 2 and 3, it's a great gap!! I then had a 3yr 8 month gap before no4 came along, followed by #5 17 months later, number 6 will arrive when our 5th is 2 yrs 10months
All up, we will have 6 kids, ranging from 11yrs2 months, down to newborn.
It's exciting, it's a challenge, it's hard but it's rewarding. I wish you the best of luck smile

Number 3 and 5 were pill with breast feeding bubs, and number 6 is on its way after being sterilised with the Adiana in Oct 2010.
My information re alcohol in the first 4 weeks came from a well respected child development text (they talk about 1st 2 weeks as they classify pregnancy as 38 weeks, not 40, from fertilisation of egg, not LMP), which in short states that terategens (which is what alcohol is) are an issue from the end of week 2, which by our standard method for determining pregnancy length is week 4.

I did speak to my doctor about the alcohol consumption the other day and he seemed fairly comfortable that it shouldn't be an issue. He said that although alcohol isn't great for the baby generally it needs to be hammered constantly to have serious adverse effects. He made me feel alot better about it so I'm not going to stress about it anymore until I know if there is something to stress about.

I can't get in for a scan until next Monday (the joys of living in a country town!) so I am just waiting, waiting at the moment. I think I need to see that little baby on the screen for it all to feel real!
what did your hubby have to say?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

vkw wrote:
what did your hubby have to say?

I've being wondering also

vkw wrote:
what did your hubby have to say?

He was pretty shocked and thought I was joking at first!

He is pretty much feeling the same as me, happy but it's taking a bit to sink in. He is going to get time off work so he can come to the scan with me on Monday so I think that will help it to seem more real for the both of us.
mine was a bit shocked too, 3rd time around.Neither of us thought that I would fall when ds2 was only 4 months old and a bit tmi it was the 1st time I felt like it after he was born lol that will be teach me.We wanted kids close in age- have to watch what you wish for! All the best for the rest of the pregnancy, hope its all smooth sailing

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

How exciting smile let us know how you get on!!! What a nice unexpected surprise smile
Hey there, the scan went well everything looks as it should and I could see that little heart beating away which was great.

I am about 8 weeks 2 days so my due date is 2nd Feb. I will be c-sect though so will probably go mid-end Jan.

Now my big problem is that I am supposed to be matron of honour in a wedding on the 12th Jan. The dresses have already been bought and somehow I don't think I'll be fitting into my size 12!!! I have been dreading telling my friend but I rang her today and she was amazing. Said it was no problem we can try and get a bigger dress or get me one slightly different to the other girls if need be. I am going to be a big fat whale at 8 1/2 month pregnant no matter what i wear!!
Stupid quote buttons not working. Grrr.

Hey Lucy! Congrats on the pregnancy even if it was a little unexpected! Glad to hear the scan went well too!

I was MOH (although i preferred the title Chief Bridal Liaison lol) for my sisters wedding and was 8mths pregnant too! It was hard buying a dress because it was my first pregnancy so i had no idea what size i'd be by the time she got married. I ended up buying a dress that had gathering under the bust and had a thin gauzy overlay (chiffon maybe?) I then had a seamstress sew in a discreet stretchy panel underneath in the same colour. It worked beautifully and looked great! Hey I don't suppose the bridesmaids are wearing red (claret)?!?! If so i've still got mine (it's an Alfred Angelo and I was a 12 pre-preg too.) Just let me know if you're interested at all!

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