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Its winter people dress your children accordingly Rss

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of parents I see out and about all rugged up while their children are in t shirts and no socks! I saw a woman pushing a little boy (about 1) in a stroller the other day, no socks, no shoes, no hat - it was about 13 degrees out!
Sorry but I have an issue with children not wearing socks when its cold : (

My daughter is 5 and is really sensitive to temperature. She refuses to wear a jumper most of the time, she has only just started being able to tolerate socks on her feet and she gets hot incredibly quickly.
At night I sleep in thermals and have 2 quilts. She gets so hot in her undies, boxer shorts and singlet with 1 summer quilt and blanket that she has to strip off. Same bedroom....

I make sure I take a jumper and socks with us, but I leave it up to her when she wants to wear them. She is happy to put them on when she genuinely needs them and she will ask for them. My little one who is now 2.5 generally is happy to wear jumpers, hats, socks etc. When she was little though I had buckleys chance of being able to keep socks or shoes on her.

The kids also usually go outside to play in the cold rugged up and within about 3 mins they are naked. Its not a problem. They come inside after, have a warm bath and a hot honey milk in front of the fire.

I agree with you if the kids are small enough they can't do anything about it, older ones though - they may have a genuine reason for it. smile
I'm talking about the littlies too - older kids can say whether they are hot or cold.
The amount of woman I see at the supermarket with babies and toddlers inappropriately dressed for the cold is ridiculous, I feel like going and buying the child a pair of socks!
cool. just thought I would throw it out there as people do "mention" it to me at the shops.....
I always worry that my children are dressed warm enough teehee Sometimes getting a coat on my DD is like next to impossible!!! And my son, he walks around with NO shoes/slippers, and a tank top. I mean wth???? I don't know, it's beyond me lol
Lol I was only just thinking about this yesterday... I was in the supermarket and a mum had her baby (about 6 months old) sitting in the front of the trolley with no socks or shoes on.... the kids feet looked BLUE! I had to bite my tongue.... it was absolutely freezing here yesterday and not much warmer in the shop.

My daughter is also a hot little monkey, she sweats in her sleep even with light pjs on. She has longsleeve cotton pants and shirt for bed & just one rug. she is always pulling her jumper off too. looks like my little man is going to be the same... his skin always feels hot to my hand and I have him dressed cooler than me. however when we are going to be outside I have lots of layers on him as the air is icy.

on this same subjecet... I'm always surprised at the amount of older childen with their parents that are allowed to swear no shoes or socks around town. hep c anyone? needlestick or cut foot from broken glass geez Louise!

shame man, i have to sympathise with some mothers. i know my DD takes her shoes and socks off in the car on our way to day care and it's cooolllllllllllllllllld! to get them back on is like such a fight! so i do understand that sometimes it's not their fault lol
I'm too much of a germaphobe to let DD1 walk around the shops without shoes on. I cringe when I see adults doing it!
JB85 wrote:
I'm too much of a germaphobe to let DD1 walk around the shops without shoes on. I cringe when I see adults doing it!

Gross, I don't blame u. Can u imagine those little black feet!
When I lived in tamworth you would have 0 degree days and parents would come into my work with their kids wearing next to nothing (young children/babies) and it used to upset me as I would be serving them in gloves!

My dd used to take her socks off, so to fix that problem I would put really warn socks on then a pair of tights- the ones with feet built in over the top! Then jean or pants over them! She stopped trying after a while haha

Where we live it's not cold but cool and both the boys wear singlets with their shirts and a jumper and long pants and socks on.

Keeping the jumper on my oldest is a challenge.

My oldest will only wear a jumper if there is nothing underneath.....she doesn't get the whole layering
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