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Those of you that are around the Lock Rss

I've lost 4kg's somehow (and I have been eating everything in sight!) and no MS at all.

How about you?

Not 20 weeks but I'd just stopped having morning sickness and had lost 6kgs, I didn't gain at all my pregnancy so probably not a good example....

Hi Skippy, I am 22 weeks and have gained about 4.5 kilos so far. I hardly had MS (only spewed 3 times) and have been eating as I normally do, which is pretty healthy. I have cut back on my exercise a bit so I thought I would put on heaps but so far I'm pretty happy with what I've gained. How about you??
Hey skip - I had put on 6kg's by 20 weeks. It sounds like you're on track. smile

(and FAR OUT - happy half way mark!!!!! gasp )

I've lost 15kg's but I had extreme morning sickness
21 weeks and i have put on 2.5kgs.

in thinking its all yet to sneak up on me. eeekkkkkk
At 20 weeks I hadn't put anything on. Had no MS and was actually a klio or so lighter than I was pre-pregnancy
I'm 19 weeks and gained almost 3 kgs.

one of my docs told me I was only allowed to gain 2kgs my whole pregnancy
-I decided to ignore that advice and just look after myself.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

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