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I would make sure that you are the 1st to tell her so she doesn't hear it off anyone else and dont tell her in a group just tell her your news over a quiet cuppa just the 2 of you, tell her ur pregnant and how thrilled you guys are and leave it at that, she is a friend so will give her congratulations but she may go a bit quiet and not want to know much more or she may ask a million questions and want to know it all.
Goodluck it isn't an easy ting to do

I think I royally stuffed up when I told a good friend of mine who was TTC that I was pregnant. I just blurted it out (it was partly down to her, as she randomly said 'Are you pregnant?' when I was only about 8 weeks gone).

Perhaps just tell your friend as gently as you can and probably as soon as you can, so she has time to adjust to it, and be prepared for the possibility of an emotional reaction, or distance. My friend completely disappeared from my life for almost 2 months after I told her, which really hurt me, but I had to understand that it was hard for her to be around a pregnant woman.
Just tell her, don't let anyone else tell her because she may feel hurt that you didn't tell her.

I got a friend who ask me how fast i got pregnant, so i told her. She always said she was too old to have kids( we the same age). I only just found out from her sister she being trying for years. I felt really bad.

I have PCOS and had been trying to conceive for years when a friend of mine announced she was pregnant. I was happy for her but sad for me and to be honest I don't remember how I came to find out. I do know though that not long after her daughter was born I found out I was pregnant, which was great except one of our mutual friends had been trying for many more years than me. So even though I knew what it was like to try for so long and not have any luck and see other people around me have kids, I couldn't bring myself to tell her because of how long I knew she'd been trying. Of course she found out eventually through word of mouth and I don't think she has been upset by it, but then I haven't seen much of her either, between her working full time and me studying full time....

Sorry, I've got no real answer for you because I don't believe there is a right way of dealing in this situation for every situation. Good luck though and congratulations smile
I would make sure you tell her before someone else does. And I wouldn't assume how she will feel.

After having my DD stillborn my very close friend announced she was expecting twins. My loss was still very fresh but I felt it didn't have anything to do with her pregnancy and I was glad for her (after the initial shock wore off!).

If she needs to be away from you for a while to process it, let her be. But I would keep communication open and not make assumptions about how she will react. smile

I'm sure this is in the wrong section, I've got a friend who has been TTC for just over a year now, I'm not too sure how hard out she's going eg temp etc or just seeing what happens, I'm actually not 100% sure if she is still trying as the way she was talking last time I saw her it sounded like she wasn't (but it may be a cover).
so how should I go about telling her that I'm pregnant, I only came off the pill in Feb this year so it happened quickly for us, but it hasn't for them.

This is a tough situation and i've been on both ends. When I miraculously fell pregnant with DS (I have endo so have low fertility) at 21 and everyone assumed it was an accident, I had a really hard time telling one of my beautiful friends who had at that point been trying for 4 years sad

I made sure that I was the one that told her and I called her to do it, not in person, as I didnt want her to feel pressure and not cry when I told her. She took it quite well, although she took a few weeks to come visit again - I completely understood.

Now I've been TTC #2 for over 2 years and one of my good friends fell pregnant within the first month of trying. She told me over the phone again and Yes it hurt, and yes I was jealous, but I was so happy and over the moon for her that I let all the other crap go and just celebrated with her. I have to admit, everytime I see her beautiful belly it physically hurts, but that is not her fault and I want her to know how excited I am for her.

Good luck with your situation, and you've already proven that you are a good friend for considering her and worrying about her smile

T xo

As a long time TTCer, I would say you should just tell her. It's better if she hears it from you rather than from someone else. And telling her in person, before you tell your other friends will show that you care about her feelings smile

I hope she will be happy for you, even though it might be difficult for her at first.

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