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I know a few other ladies have mentioned their feral neighbours before but I am so over ours. My son gets beaten up on a constant basis by their children as well as them swearing at me every time I step out of my car or whatever and not to mention the filthy spitting on my sons things. They are 7 and 9. Today my son was walking his mate home when these kids jumped from the bushes and belted him up quite badly luckily a cop on holiday from Vic. (we are in WA) turned the corner and stopped it and approached the parents of this other kid otherwise who knows how he would have ended up. I went across road to their house guns blazing I am so over it decided I am ringing cops only to be told we can make a statement but no further action can be taken as this kid is under 10 therefore not legally responsible for his actions. I am so angry right now not to mention the fact my son is really scared and will probably never step foot outside again. The house is a rental and we always get ferals wish they would just move sad Thanks for letting me vent.

oh jeeez your poor son,my littke brother is 9 and has had to deal with the same crap today he was pushed off his bike and kicked.He is not mean to othr kids a real sweet boy at that age they know the difference between right and wrong.doesnt help when there not held accountable for there actions and usually the kids that grow up to bully others and be trouble makers.I feel for you and half the time the parents are just as bloody useless and don't want to know or don't care
That's horrible, I read your post and can only sympathize for your soon and family.

Can you call another cop say you think the boy is around 10? Your poor soon could be permanently scarred from three bullying, I would approach the parents or doing something crazy and organise a get together with the boys. Insane as it may sound, they might raise the boys have more in common. Otherwise if its happening to other kids have all the parents turn up on their doorstep and tell them the bullying has to stop. I don't think a real estate agent cld do anything but put them on a black list for future renting.

There is nothing wrong than living in fear at your own home. Hope things improve.
That's a really terrible situation. Is the place private rental (through a real estate) or through department of housing (subsidised for low income/centrelink clients)?

Either way, my advice would be to make your statement to the police, and call them each and every single time something goes down there. Also, keep a log book of dates and times of each incident along with the details of what happened, if you called the police and if they showed and if so what time and was anything done, etc. Now, find out who controls the lease and lodge a formal complaint against the tenants. A real estate agency is likely to act faster than the department of housing because they can afford the shortcuts. But if the place is DoH you can still rightfully complain and this is where all your contact with the police and all records you have kept of incidences will come in handy because the more time and dates you can supply, the stronger your case will be to have them evicted.

We had a drug dealer move in next door to us a couple of months before Christmas (the place was DoH and ours is owned). Their customers were forever crossing our yard to get to and from theirs, and the dealers always had their music and bass blaring. We called the police so many times we lost count, and because each time we called everything stopped immediately we figured they had a scanner, so when the cops did eventually show up they saw and heard nothing. We started the formal complaints process with DoH, and one day in January same old, music and bass blaring (we could always hear and feel it in every room of our house) so we called the police. Naturally, they didn't show up for an hour and a half and when they did, nothing. Well not 2 mins after they drove by it was back on and louder than before. Called again and this time they showed up 20 mins later and busted them (obviously hadn't put that one over the scanner). There were words, and when the police were driving off the idiots yelled something out so the police did a u-turn and came back and spoke to them again. The music didn't go back on that day, or ever again - I went for a nap and when I got up I was told to look out the window... They were making a break for it; trailers backed up and emptying the house. They were completely moved out that day.

Sorry that got a bit long, but I just want you to know I completely understand, and you can definiely do something about it!
Thanks for the replies ladies. The house is a private rental and the owner couldn't care less about our complaints as we all know him in the street and as for talking to the parents they are just as bad as the kids. Our street has called the cops on them many times after he has tried killing her out the front and bashes, yells and swears the worse language out the front ever but nothing gets done. A friendly chat from police and thats it. I will be taking my son to make the statement and every time something happens will do the same so it is all recorded in case for future. So I ended up with no sleep last night as my DF had night shift and I could hear every little noise, scared they were going to do something and my son wouldn't sleep without his light on and couldn't sleep either (he is nearly 12) so I am back to work today absolutely exhausted.

unfortunatly theres not alot you can do sad this falls under a civil matter. the police are not entitled to do anything about it, and seeing as the landlord couldnt care less you really out of options to get them to stop legally.
honestly with matters like this you really have to take it into your own hands.
Even if you decided to take it to court and file it under a harassment suite, it will probably just been thrown out seeing as the boys are so young.
sorry hun.
Oh no, i can't believe you have to go threw this.
We got neighbours from hell. I don't go outside unless i have the house phone and my mobile phone on me. They where playing loud music at 7:45 a.m on the weekend.

We have rung the police too many times that they starting to know these people. We contacted housing but they push the blame onto someone else.

Just keep reporting them. That what a police officer told me, once they can build a good case against them.

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