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Ph testing strips! Rss

I posted this in TCC but thought there are prob more people in this thread that will see it and help me smile
Hi, has anyone used testing strips to test their vaginal ph level? I am a bit confused on how to do it exactly. The strips are paper thin and how exactly do I test the ph level of my vagina? Sorry if it's a silly question. I just spoke with my health food shop who sells them and he wasn't much help. I'd love to conceive a girl after having two DS and it suggested testing ph level of vagina as this 'may' have an impact on the sperm.

Thanks so much
I'd love to see the look on the dudes face at the health food shop when u asked the question smile

I'd try either: a) washing my hands in pH neutral soap, drying on a clean towel and inserting my finger and getting a sample from around the cervix and put that on the strip. or
cool getting a sterile swab (cotton bud) and using that.

Happy pH testing smile

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