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Bleaching Hair Lock Rss

So i have about 9-11 months worth of regrowth...its rather gross.

Now that ive had my baby, i want to get my hair done. When i had it done previously, we just put bleach straight onto my head, no foils or anything. I am wanting to get the same thing done again, but i am breast feeding my baby.

Is it safe to do bleach straight on or should i go with foils?
i dont see how it would affect your breast milk. I'm a hairdresser and my boss actually says that hair colour is actually worse than bleach.
Go with what your comfortable with smile
thanks for that. id rather go with just chucking the bleach on, little more painful, but doesnt take as long!! not too keen on sitting for a full head of foils, my hair is pretty long, and that will just take toooo long for my liking
Just be careful I did my hair straight after, and it went that kind of coppery blonde, apparently your hormones are still all over the place, so may react! But everyone's different! Good luck!
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