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How is yours compared to the last bill, ours more than doubled from $291 to $659 but a friend down the street said hers was $1600 and they have a fire going all day + aircon.We have used our aircon a handful of times so far but have the underfloor heating on constantly( since April) however the thermostat is only set for 10 degrees to just take the chill out of the room, not to make the house really hot.

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We had Tru Energy coming to our house regularly trying to scare us into getting an account with them, saying that our bill was going to double from July. It didn't. It's within our normal bill range at just over $300, we usually get bills ranging from $250 to $350. If it had doubled I would have found a different supplier. I'll see what the next bill is before I decide anything though, this one might be a one off and the next might double.

after next july it will be worse when(if) the carbon tax kicks in

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Ours went from $150 to the next bill being $560

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Our last bill was around $350 and that's normal for us. It has gone up in our state a few times in the last 2 years though. The carbon tax is said to only affect electricity prices by around $200/year so only around $30/bill.
Our bills have always been under $200 since we moved to Perth (Rockingham), even the last one after we'd been using the heater alot. I was very pleasantly surprised lol! Hopefully I havent jinxed it and they stay low! tongue
Having just moved into a house a few months back and have been getting bills of $180 - $220 each month.

Then last week half way through our billing month get a bill for $800 - we have just read your meter and you owe us this much. Wouldn't complain paying the bill if it was how they said originally and that every second bill would be an actual read. Not happy with this coming out of the blue and in the middle of our month (and with only 1 weeks notice before it is due!).
holy crapola we move out in a few weeks I hope we can keep ours low we are moving 2 a small unit type house so I guess as long as we turn off things we arnt using at the switch and try not use much light(I love candles) hopfuly that keeps it down
Mine was $418....So not to bad!
Im scared to get our next bill, it will be the winter quarter and its already usually 6-700, and our gas is not far behind
Our winter bills are low. We live in north qld so we good but once summer comes it going to hurt the pocket again. We got 3 air-cons(upstairs) at the moment will be putting a 4th in soon for little man room. Last year it was $900 and hubby went threw the roof. It may not of help that MIL was living with us and using the air-con down stairs and having her 2 fridges going plus our fridge. I'm thinking if I'm careful and our room we don't use the air-con at night only put the kids on it should be ok. We pay so much each fortnight so when the bill comes in it's not much of a shock.

Gee I hope these are monthly bills! I'm in Tassie and we get ours quaterly and don't have a choice in provider, there is only 1. Power here has gone up 30% in last year. Ours quarterly bill is usually between $700-$800 and the lastest is$1100 OUCH! Lucky we pay money towards it every fortnight or that would really hurt!

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