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DD2 who is not 3 yet. has just been diagnosed with serve growing pains. I would love to hear from other what has worked or what does not.
Sorry you and your little one are having to deal with this.

I don't have any advice but am very interested to see any responses you get as my almost 3 yo is experiencing growing pains aswell. Everyday - it has been quite concerning trying to work out what is going on and what to do about it.

All the best.
i just massage behind ds knees which is where he gets them. was the same for mum, mum would massage and use a heatpac
Ds use to get them in his feet and ankles. He now sees a chiro every 3 months snd haven't had one since his first adjustment. His hips were actually the cause with one leg 2cm longer than the longer and it caused pain in his ankles at night when he slept. so by fixing his hips he now has no pain. I suggest visiting a chiro, wonderful things they can do.
Just on the salt hting - was it iodised salt? I know it works for pains etc but wondering if its just a salt thing or iodised salt... my dd get them and Ive started using a gentle minty leg and foot balm that has a tiny bit of menthol in it so cools it down like deep heat (but not as majorly as the cool burning like deep heat!) that worked a treat last night when I was at my wits end and she was having a major melt down so I'm going to keep using that (I've used it a few times but now I'm going to use it all the time!)


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