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Im starting to think my son who is 4 years and 5 months has ADD..

He talks fine... is starting to recognise his own name at kindy and is fully toilet trained. He can dress himself, bath himself and do all the usual skills for his age.

However.. we are having issues with his listening and concentration. I do not know if this is just "typical boy" behaviour but his father is away overseas for four months and i have found that a huge challenge. Sometimes he will listen.. sometimes he wont...

He goes to family daycare and mostly he relates well with the other children.. but if the others are sitting down building blocks.. he will go and knock them over.. at kindy he refuses to sit down with the group at times and the teacher calls that a self control discipline situation..

I try and tell him off and he refuses to listen to me when I talk calmly and then resort to yelling and getting angry because i am so frustrated.

I dont know if it is worth having him assessed or not??
Sounds like a very NORMAL little boy with separation thing you can do is try and parent emotionlessly (123 magic is a good way - lots of mums on here can answer your questions) and stick with it - it is hard to be consistent when you are on your own and especially when you get worn out but often I think the listening is simply because WE give up too soon from exasperation and let them get away with it one too many times so then they abuse it, cos they know it works.

My hubby goes away a lot for work and has just left again and my kids are doing the same. The other thing I've found is start trying to teach them what to do when they are supposed to be sitting and practise at home - start with as little as 20secs and build up - get him to twiddle his thumbs or drum his fingers in a tapping style (I tell my kids to practise their self control and they know now that this is what it means - it gives them something to do especially if they have trouble sitting still) - these are good if he has ADD as well because its still keeping him 'active' but appropriately IYKWIM but I seriously don't think you need to worry - just expect more from him in some regards, like that he CAN do as he's told and CAN hear you and CAN CHOOSE to do the right thing or not, and less of him in others - he is only 4 after all so don't expect him to be a little adult cos he's not. Good luck, they really are very busy little creatures


Totally agree with everything written by Jackrube. I actually found it a little easier to make the changes while my husbands was working away and then update him when he got home.
thanks for that.. I have the book 123... i need to start reading it!!

Your DS sounds like a normal 4 year old to me. If you think it is purely a listening thing have you thought of getting his hearing tested?? Does he understand you? eg. does he seem to understand and process information correctly?

ADD/ADHD normally DOES become more evident at age 4/5. It is also a critical age to jump onto the condition too as early intervention is a fantastic advantage to have.

As an example though my DS2 also exhibited what appeared as poor listening skills. He in fact has auditory processing Issues.

Maybe have a chat to your son's teacher and/or GP and discuss your concerns. Getting a language assessment done also can be a huge indicator in ADD. My DS' speech was surprisingly relatively clear, in fact he was an early talker, yet his understanding of instructions and expressive language however was well below average in his assessments.

Good LUck!
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