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Ok, so I'm going to try and keep this short. A very close family member has lung cancer. We thought he was in remission but then it came back. His in hospital at the moment. I don't think he is going to have any more chemo as he doesn't have much quality of life. Other family members are very distraught.
Now, I was thinking what can i do to show my Aunty that I am thinking of her? She is 5 hrs away and I just don't want hear that one day my uncle has passed without so much as saying 'I love you, and I am thinking about you'. I was thinking of sending like an online basket of goodies...but I can't really find anything that's 'appropriate'. She is a private person and my Uncle hates 'drama'. But I don't like just sitting back and hearing about everything that is happening in their lives without saying what I need to say??
Any ideas on what I should or shouldn't do??

Thanks in Advance
I think it would be lovely to send something and for your own peace of mind, write a card saying that you're thinking of them and you love them. Maybe a nice snuggly throw rug or something nice to suck on (boiled sweets or something), some nice smelly shower stuff or a Willow Tree ornament....anything really. I think it's sad when people say or do nothing in fear of doing or saying the wrong thing, when all that needs to be said is I'm thinking of you and hope you're ok. I'm sorry for you and your family xxxxx
I think you should send her a card and maybe flowers to chear her up and just to basically say your family is thinking of them and if you ever need someone to talk to that you are there.
I think that's all you can do is to basically say that your there if they need you and you will offer support.
It's a lifeline if they need it, and a reassurance.
And flowers will brighten her day.
i'm sorry to hear such a horrible thing. GBH for you

What i would do is - get someone who lives close to them to go to the supermarket & purchase a whole heap of TV dinners & put them in her freezer. It is amazing how much differnce that will make to her. She wont have to worry about shopping & cooking, god knows i hate that at the best of times, let alone during one of the worst times of my life. One of our friends did something like this (except he was a chef & so he made everything & put them in those freezer containers) for us when DS was in the neonatal unit when first born. God it was good. Come home each day for 2 weeks with no baby & didnt want to have to do chores.... just throw it in the oven. done.
Thanks Guys smile

Chilliwoman-My Nan lives there and wouldn't agree with the TV dinner thing lol, But it is a fabulous idea. I will definately keep it in mind!

Chicko- Yea, Cards and flowers are a lovely idea. But to me Flowers could also mean "sympathy" I don't want them to think that I think his already gone. It's such a touchy thing and my cousin would def take it that way and go a bit silly. But it is a fabulous idea!

Mum2ronjam, You are so right..I need to do something I shouldn't just leave it because I don't know what to say!!

I found this and was wondering what your opinions were??
Now I don't know what to write on the card..................................
Sorry to hear about your uncle.

I think on the card I'd just write somehting along the lines of "Just want you to know I'm thinking of you. Love ...." Keep it simple and you don't have to worry so much about what it says.

yeah, I think I kept it simple I wrote 'I just wanted to let you know I Love you all, and have been keeping you in my thoughts. Here are some yummy chocolates to hopefully brighten your day'

Lots of Love
(I put myself, and my Mum coz it's her sister....and dad but then ran out of room to put my siblings.......I only got so many syllables..sad.....hope that won't matter!!!!)
This may be of no help as you didn't say how old your uncle and aunt are, or the state of health of your uncle. Only reason I am asking is when my Father was terminally ill with cancer he really wanted to do things while he was still able to. Fishing, camping. I sent a basket of different treats for a picnic (He loved the outdoors) My brother sent them a voucher to visit a colonial village near them (something my dad had always wanted to do but couldn't afford. My parents found it hardest that people stopped speaking, or avoided the fact he was dying. Consider just picking up the phone in a few days and just asking how they are going? sometimes just being able to talk to you about mundane things could be the best gift you could give them.
I really feel for you it is such a horrible time, hopefully he does get some quality of life back or at least isn't too painful. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family

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