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Oooooh I like this......

DP and I would have a large property, very old style colonial kind of house, lots of wood, room each for the kids and us of course, music room with a grand piano, arty farty crap room for arty farty crap, massive kitchen with heaps of storage and bench space and a massive industrial oven and cooktop, every appliance known to human kind, big double fridge...okay I'm getting too caught up in the kitchen here.....

So yeah, nice decent sized old style house in the country, I would work part time from home and go into the office probably once a week or so, DP would have a horsey part set up on our property with stables/track etc, we would have a massive vegie garden, solar power, tank water (but like MASSIVE tanks so we would never run out lol), heaps of run around space for the kiddies, I just want to move to the country now!!!!!!!!

Um so yeah. Sorry. Got a bit carried away.

p.s. GK, irish wolfhounds rock
Similar to Christy. But I would love to have a really nice town house up in the Cashmere Hills, 2 story place, brand new, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 lounge room's and a massive yard for DD and probably another child.

As well as a farm. So a nice modern house again but on some land out in Rolleston probably, with horses so I can get back into eventing and showing and then DD can have a wee shetland. Again, probably another child in the mix if money was no object, I would be a SAHM looking after the horses and kids while DP opened up his own tattoo & body piercing studio instead of working for people. I would be a lady of leisure lunching with the kids often too and shopping lots smile

Thats it. I could go on & on & on about my dream lifestyle. Great post Georgie!

well.. our dream lifestyle would be to get a couple of acres just outside mackay, qld at Seaforth/ball bay area.. put a massive Shed on it and convert the Shed into a house, furnish the place with recycled timber, etc.. massive pool, massive tanks, quadies for the girls, stay at home business for me.. complete hidden library, computer set up for my nerdy hubby, and whatever he wants to do for work, and a brand new mitsubishi outlander (my dream car.. sad huh? huh )ooh and losing about 40kgs in this process without having to lift a finger tongue can i add a personal chef, masseuse, butler and everything fully paid for for life!

ps... good topic!!! damn now daydreaming away!
Well, I'd build a new house, but if money were no object I would travel the world with the family. I want to go to every place I've ever read about. This would be done in our private jet naturally (no cattle class for us), and we would have homes scattered across the globe. DH would get his Ferrari Enzo and I would have a Viper SRT10.

Ahhh, to dream..
Something like this would be nice...
and this would really float my boat <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

My Day Dream life would be a large property near a beach, with a nice big house (4-5 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, very spacious & fully equiped kitchen) Big shed for the toys (quads for me and the kiddies and partners Bikes) & work space for the DF... SAHM for me and my DF running his own welding business... smile & lots of room for lots of different animals grin

Ohhh thats nice Jenna grin wub

build our house
flat section, fully fenced
4 bedrooms
a cleaner

I would prob still work part time and hubby full time (I think I would get sick of the sight of him if we were both home al lthe time.)
oooh and a holiday home in central otago somewhere.

yes that is all ..........for now. wink
You don't like floral? laugh




Please invite me to stay at your new place!! wub wub wub
It is simply divine!

*drools and goes green with envy*

Realistically, we do plan on buying a holiday house down by the beach about an hour or two drive from where we are now smile
We don't have a mortgage at the moment (thanks Mum and Dad!) so when I'm earning a nice wage and DH is too, then we will most probably get a mortgage and buy a decent house near the beach smile

If not, then we'll buy some acreage and have some cows and horses smile (I prefer this option)

I want a lifestyle where I can go on 3 weeks holidays every year alternating between somewhere in NZ or Aussie and soemwhere further abroad. I want a large house, not so much with lots of rooms in it, but large rooms, lots of space, wide verandahs all around, acres of land, a scattering of livestock, a huge vege garden (although I kill any plant I touch sad ), and running on total solar with an option for power off the grid in case of weeks of stormy weather. I want my kids to be able to run riot where ever they want without worrying about snakes and spiders (so I will have to move back to NZ), and I want a nanny/housekeeper who can do the mundane childcare stuff like preparing meals and tidying after the boys so I can have more time to play with them.
My partners dream hoilday house would be something like this on a massive block with lots of animals and fruit trees & Pine trees

My dream hoilday house would have to be brand new and modern on the harbour over looking the bridge or opera house & have minimun 5bedrooms & 3bathrooms,the kitchen must have a mini kitchen of teh main kitchen,kinda like a massive pantry but with sink and oven ect so that when we entertain meals can be prepared in there and then the door closed off so there is no mess hehe.
5garages for DP's Lambo & mini classic and my Range Rover sports or Vogue,our own jetty to the harbour for our massive yacht & a helicopter pad on the roof for our own private jett

Both houses must be fully self contained and environmentally friendly with solar panels and vege gardens and fruit trees grin

Obviosuly we would be so filthy rich we woudl never have to work again tongue
I’ve sort of got 2 LOL....DF’s idea is based on 1 location and mine is another location...I’d be happy with either one!!

Mine..... 50-100 acres with a huge 4-5 bedroom Queenslander-style home with a fully screened verandah around the entire house, a massive kitchen with one of those butcher blocks on wheels, walk in pantry, all gas stove and oven, walk in fridge and freezer (much like a cold room), open fireplace in the lounge and parent’s retreat/bedroom, air conditioned throughout. One of the rooms would be decked out as a sewing room/home office for me to do some work/study from home as well as being able to make clothes for the kids, curtains, etc. The entire house would be set up for wireless internet so we’ve got connection in every room. Solar panels covering the majority of the roof for power and a 10,000 litre tank set underground for house use. There’d be a huge vegetable garden, smaller herb garden and fruit trees for our own use, plus chooks for eggs and meat (and manure for the vege gardens). Around the house I’d also have 1 garden for roses and the rest would be natives. We’d also have to build a huge free-standing aviary for all the native birds we breed, and a couple of cows in the paddock closest to the house for milk.

We’d have a 10-12 bay shed with 3 phase power and a mezzanine floor above for either storage or a workspace for me. One end of the shed would be a fully equipped workshop with all the tools for things ranging from metal-work to a wood lathe and everything in between. One part will be set aside for a games room/bar area and a pergola area running off that section for an outdoor entertaining area...BBQ, big screen TV for watching the footy,V8 Supercars etc. DF would have room for his 1962 F100, 1948 Style-side F100 and 1927 Ford T-Bucket and I’d have a space set aside for my 1967 Shelby GT500 ‘Eleanor’, as well as room for my 4WD, another 4WD ute for ‘farm-work’, the camper trailer, boat, tractor, ride-on mower and quads for the kids. We’d also have about a dozen head of cattle and the same of sheep for meat so we pretty much self sufficient except for dry goods. There’d also be a 2-way set-up in the main house and shed (base sets) and 2-ways in the vehicles used around the property. There’d also be 2-3 x 50,000 litre water tanks behind the shed for use around the gardens etc. Obviously there’d be at least one big dam and a couple of smaller ones and a couple of horses as well.

At the far end of the property we’d build a 3 bedroom teenager’s retreat complete with kitchen, laundry etc, also with a 2-way base set and a 4WD ute for the kids (2-way set as well). That way the kids have their own space away from us but also within easy reach of us if they need us.

DF’s idea is virtually the same but he wants to buy a deserted island up off the north QLD coast and build on that....mine I’d prefer on the mainland around either St Lawrence or somewhere in the Hunter Valley.

ETA...wherever we were, we'd HAVE to be close to good fishing spots!! LOL

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