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As the title says. Ds first year is going so fast, I want to start getting some ideas of what would be good for a 1st birthday party?
DS bday is Monday, DH family is 300km in 1 direction, mine 300km in other. We had a dinner at club with DH family last weekend. DS bday we are working, but will be going out for dinner with my family next weekend

We met up with family and friends at a park and had a really nice couple of hours. We made DS a pikelet birthday cake in the shape of a 1 because I thought he was too young for a proper cake. It went down a treaat.

H smile ave fun.
It depends which way you want to go, really.

A lot of 1st birthday parties are more for the parents than the child; like a celebration for making it through that first year! Some people like to throw a huge party and others prefer to keep it small and intimate.

DS1 hated crowds so he had a very small party with close family only. We based the theme on his favourite thing at the time so that it signified what he was like at that age.

DS2 loves having loads of people fussing over him so his 1st birthday party is going to be quite a large one but, it is also a combined birthday party with his big brother.

One thing I will recommend is putting together a time capsule of your son's first year for him to open on his 18th or 21st birthday smile We did this for DS1 and we're in the midst of putting together one for DS2. We put in things like:

A letter from DH and I sharing our favourite moments from their first year; funny little quirks that they have; the simple everyday things. (It's hard to believe now but, you do forget those little things over time).

A grocery shopping receipt to show how much things cost - more a fun comparison to see how much things change over the coming 20 years.

Their umbilical cord clips.

The first outfit they ever wore.

A lock of hair from their first hair cut (providing they've had one).

We got DH's Yiayia (Grandmother) to write each of the boys a letter telling them about herself. As their oldest surviving relative, she won't be around for their 21st birthdays - she is such a proud Great Grandma so it was a good chance for her to tell them how much she loves them and tell them first hand about her amazing life. She also bought them each a gold cross to put in there as her 21st birthday gifts to them. Oh gosh. Now I'm getting teary! LOL.

One of each of their hospital bracelets (I'm keeping the one from each of them).

One of the invitations for their 1st birthday party.

Their favourite rattle.

I hope that was some help to you smile You still have quite a bit of time to think about it but, I can understand the excitement!! Just be prepared because it isn't unusual to cry at least once on their birthday and at their party. LOL
The time capsule idea is fantastic! One of DS great grandfathers has only been given 3 months to live and would be nice to have a letter from him. Ive kept all the cards from his baby shower and birth, hospital bracelets, hair. I also brought a good quality bottle of port on the day of his birth to give him at 18 and a piece of gold bullion. I need to organise what Im going to do early as DS father will need to book time off work and fly in from interstate.
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