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for the ladies whose hubbys work such long hours... Lock Rss

What do they do?!?
I don't think I would cope hardly seeing my hubby... even tho he doesn't do much to help out tongue
Racehorse trainer. Sounds much more glamorous than it is. He comes home smelling like sh*t most days lmao.
I agree! Makes me appreciate how lucky I am. My DH is often finished by 2.30pm in time to go and do the school pick-up run. My hubby is hopeless on the housework front too but it is nice having him home so much!

Racehorse trainer. Sounds much more glamorous than it is. He comes home smelling like sh*t most days lmao.

oh yes, early mornings tongue yuk
my hubby is a baker...normally working from around 3pm till 2 am most days then stays up till about 4 then sleeps most of the a pain in the behind sometimes!!!
sometimes i very much feel like a single mum!!! smile
at least he sometimes remembers yummy olive sourdough yum yum!!

My hubby is a Personal trainer & we own a Gym, he is also a football coach so he is at work at 6am and 4 nights a week not home until past 8pm. He Finishes work at 3pm on Fridays for family time. But being our own business and I work there too I still see him and as I often take the kids with me thay get to spend time with him too. (he would never see them otherwise as they both go to bed early.)
However I do all the parenting stuff Monday to Friday by myself.

My Hubby is a Technical Services Manager for a big Asphalt company ..his office is in Brisbane but he looks after all the QA and lab's for Queensland one day he is here in brisbane and the next he is in Noth QLD and then he can be in Roma for weeks on end !! lol lol

I would love love love love to see Hubby in daylight hours ..but havnt done for years ..

considering he is gone 14 hours a day ..he is still fairly good around the house ...I think he is really starting to miss the kids as he is missing all the milestones with Grace !! ..I am mostly angry with him but I do feel bad is cause he works so hard that I get to stay at home with the kids ..I love him truck loads !! xoxo

My DP works away, 2 weeks one one week off. its great! LOL nah, i miss him heaps, but used to it now as he started when DS was 8 weeks old (hes now 4). Now oakley is at school i have me time to do the things i need to do while hes away and when hes home we can go out for lunch and spend time together! but the week hes home just goes so fast, we are constantly busy. When hes away im always busy doing things so the weeks fly by too, i think its going to be weird when he finally does work closer to home....i dont know how im going to cope with him home all the time!! hehe

oh edited to add hes a heavy diesel mechanic...

Industrial Electrician, he works long hours, but a 5 on, 5 off roster and it's wonderful. We have a few days where he sees DD for about 10 mins, then he gets 5 whole days with her.

With OT at his previous job he was bearly doing 12 hour days anyway.

He does housework (I don't clean bathrooms) and cooks, but only on his days off
DH works operates concrete boom pump. He is very rarely home b4 7pm on a weekday & usually leaves b4 DD wakes in the morning.

For awhile he was not working Saturdays (cause of the GFC) & it was great..but work is so busy that he is back to working Saturdays aswell.

I am pretty much a single mum Monday to Friday & I do everything ontop of working 3 days a week.

Thats our life, it sux, but we are lucky that he has a job & we get a decent paycheck each week.

Saturday is all overtime & it makes a massive difference to his pay, but I would still prefer him to be home instead just so we had some more family time!
The only plus, by the time Sunday rolls around, DD doesn't want anything to do with me, so I have a day off!
Mine's an Officer in the Navy, and used to be gone for six to eight months at a time. He'd be home for six weeks, then gone again. He missed almost all of the first three years of Charlie's life, but has been home permanently since I was pregnant with Xavier. He is now studying medicine and is gone for about 12 hours a day four days a week, with a three day weekend. I'm happy to have him home more, but GOOD LORD we drive each other nuts now! LOL

My DH is a Customer Relations Manager at a Holden Dealership. His hours are motor industry standard 7am to 5.30 but he no longer has to work saturdays - yay!

Unfortunately he has to leave home at 6.15am and doesnt usually get home till 6.30pm on a good day. Then 2 nights a week he trains/instructs a martial arts class and doesnt get home till after 9pm.

It makes for a long day and a very long week - I cherish the weekends....but then we're also renovating so I rarely see him then either!!! lol

I dont know how the other girls do it with their partners away for weeks on end...that would be heartbreaking!
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