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how many hours is DH/DP/DF away from home for work including the time it take to travel to and from, per week?

my DH = 71 hours per week!!starting to feel it now

DH is probably at work betweek 40-48hours a week, will be more over stocktake time. lol.

between 60 and 65....too many for me
Probably between 50 & 60 hours on an average week. He's going away for 3 weeks in a weeks' time, so that'll be hard. One year he was away on about 4 months worth of trips (all broken up, sometimes 1 week away, sometimes 4). He is in the RAAF though, so I guess it's to be expected.
about 45 hours + a few hours doing work at home each night ( once the kids in bed).So can't complain.Never works weekends or school hols ( except marking etc)

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Df works away 7days at a time.
Between 40-50. Usually smack bang in the middle!
too much maths for me to work it out lol but his normal days is 13hours all up(4am-5pm), and he does 4 overtimes a f/n so thats a 16hr day (12.30pm-4.30am)

My DH usually does about 70hrs a week, all so I can stay home with DS2. He's such a wonderful hubby!!!
About 80. I hate it.
80 at the moment during the week and then a day on the weekend as well, he is coming home each night atm, otherwise can be away 5days at a time
Between 60-70.Drives me crazy some days!

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