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I took DS (3.5 years) and DD (18 months) to the park today. DS insisted on taking one of his toys out of the car to the park against what I wanted but I gave in instead of getting a hissy fit and let him. Anyway, there was another big kid there who would have been about 6 years old. This kid wanted DS's toy and was pushing DS and pulling DS's shirt etc to get it. DS ran into the car park screaming to get away from him and the other kid followed him. The other kid mother got to them just before I did and she did pull her kid off DS and told him off. I made DS put his toy in the car as I wanted in the first place and took him back to where we were sitting and gave him and hug to stop him crying.

Anyway, DD (18 months) gave DS a big hug and was patting him on the back and then she went off to the playground where the other kid was and hit him and then started to "tell him off" in her baby babble but with a real tone behind it. I had to go and then tell her off for hitting other kids even though she was being sweet and looking after her big brother. She has got a real spark to her!. I don't know where she has learnt to hit as we do not smack the kids and she does not go to day care.
lol tongue I reckon your little chick rocks!!!! She sounds like she's got some spunk in her and its great that she feels so enraged by the other little guys behaviour that she wants to support her brother this way.

I'm not going to say that hitting the other boy was appropriate but I for one find it touching that she felt so betrayed by the other little boy's behaviour that she had to do something about it.

You've raised a great little chick!
i hope that my ds will look after his little sister just like that!
My DS is 3 and my DD is 5 and he quite often sticks up for his big sister! lol! Its very cute. DS is my fiery one though whereas DD is a sensitive little soul.

He told a boy off at her swimming lesson once because he splashed her. Even though DD assured DS that she was okay.... he frowned at this boy and told him to "be nice!" Ha ha ha!

DD does have ALOT of spark to her. I think she will be a handful when she is a teenager. She is funny because she can be so brave like that in the Park but I can't leave her with anyone as she just falls to pieces. I am very touched though about how she was so comforting to her brother and that she tried to stick up for him the only way she knew how.

I am glad I am not the only one that has a sensitive older child and a firey younger one!!!
That's brilliant!!!

DS1 was telling is a story last night that DS2 got stomped on at daycare. DS1 apparently punched the kid that was stomping on DS2 and we couldn't help but smile. DS2 is 2y/o in 1.5 weeks but only the size of a 1y/o so he likes to play with the big kids but usually ends up getting picked on. I'm happy to see his brother stick up for him. on the other hand I don't know about him punching others... hmmm.
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