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Going on from the thread over the weekend Lock Rss

and what was your fave?

Not sure if I'll be able to remember them all but I'll try:

Salt & Pepper (my very first concert and I had to get pulled out of the crowd by security because I was getting squashed grin)
Bon Jovi
Bryan Adams
Missy Higgins
Robbie Williams x 2
Matchbox 20 x 2
Rob Thomas
Chris Isaak (not by choice)
Craig David
Elton John
Kenny Rogers (yes, by choice wink)

My faves would definitely be Robbie Williams and Usher - great entertainers!!

Usher would of been great!

ive been to:

Unwritten Law (not b y choice BUT was good lol)
Robbie Williams
Black Eyed Peas
Britney Spears

My fav was Britney LOL to be honest if she didnt have allt he acrobats and stuff wouldnt of been as good..PINK was amazing also and Robbie sooooo HOT lol

I haven't been to all that many...

Bryan Adams
Hoodoo Gurus x a few
Bon Jovi
The Police
Suzie Quatro (lol yes I chose to go)
Pearl Jam
And numerous BDO and RockIt type things when I was younger smile
Now I'm sounding old ....ivé been to...

Rolf Harris lol...
Dire Straits
Elton John
Billy Joel
Robbie Williams - best concert ever. If he ever comes back do yourself a favour.

Now I'm sounding old ....ivé been to...

Rolf Harris lol...

ROFL!! I'm good. Sorry. Was it your choice??

I've been to;

Elton John and Billy Joel (the best)
Rogue traders
living end
End of fashion

I haven't been to many concerts. Not many performs come to where i live and if they do, they are not very good ones.

I sound so innocent ive only been to a playschool

Wow ive lead a sheltered life LOL

Silverchair (twice)
Wiggles (twice)

and the best by far was Rodney Rude

Don't worry, I'm going to sound old as well hahah. I'll try to rememember as many as I can

Cliff Richard (not by choice and was the 1st concert I ever went to)
Uncanny X-Men
Pseudo Echo
Bryan Adams
Johhny Diesel & the Injectors
Cold Chisel
Bon Jovi
Australia Made Concert
Jimmy Barnes (Numerous times)
Matchbox 20 (numerous times)
Rob Thomas x 2

Thats all I can think of at the moment, although I'm sure there are some I've forgotten

Forgot to add my fav(s)..I've had a few other the years.

Always loved JB Concerts..INXS was GREAT and glad I got to see them before MH passed away, and I can't go past M20 and Rob Thomas, love love love him!!

Im pretty sad so i don't really have a favourite

Ticklish Allsorts (childrens group)
Gina Jefferys
Lee Keregan
Tina Arena - 13th birthday, loved her music back then!
Pete Murray- won tickets
PINK!!!!- Absolutely loved her concert, in fact when I got home from concert, i went straight on line to try and buy tickets to next concert since they had just released another 2 shows. I was 6 months along when I went and now my son loves Pink as well!
The only individual one I have been to is Boys 2 Men. But I have been to a few Livid festivals and Big Day Outs, and THE BEST I saw was Greenday at the Gold Coast Big Day Out when they lit all their instruments on fire in a bonfire int he middle of the stage and sang Time Of My Life in accustic.....memorable!!
oops, forgot, I have seen the Wiggles twice also smile
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