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for those of you who have moved here from another country, how did you go about making friends, meeting new people and generally settling in?

i'm still finding it so hard to make friends. i've tried joining playgroup but thats the only time i actually get out of the house and have a real conversation with other mums, which is mostly about the kids

DH works very long hours so its just me and DS alot of the time. i'm really wanting to get out before i start getting depressed alone at home..any ideas welcome

Where are you from?
I'm Australian but moved to another state away from family and friends, but my DH is from overseas.
If having a small/part time job is an option, it's a good way of meeting new people.
Also, Joining a sport is great. You don't have to be good at it to have fun. Try checking out some indoor sporting places. Usually you can sign up as a sub for teams who are missing people.

i' m from Kenya, in perth now. been home with DS for 1year now. the first year was very hectic with DS's reflux, i never really had time for much

part time work is not an option at the moment. i have tried putting DS in daycare but he's just not settling, cried most of the time he is there and doesnt eat or sleep. he now goes half day per week just to give me time to catchup with things

might look into some kind of sports maybe when DS is at daycare

kind of hard to do things with a toddler with you thats why i think i have been stuck at home alot

Hi, what suburb are you in? I have a feeling you may be near me, and I could give you a few suggestions. Let me know.
There is a Kenya club of Western Australia.

That might be a good start, you might meet people through the members and the functions they hold. Dh is from o/s and we are members of the club in our area, the women get together every so often for catch ups and the whole club also celebrates the holidays with parties, it's been a great way for us to meet people and a lot of them have been through everything we have so we have kept in contact with lots of nice people.

Have you tried Playgroup?

Your local library might also have a story telling time, where there might be other mums for you to meet?

Good luck, I hope you can connect with someone. I have found since having DD I have more friends than I have ever had in my whole life, and its been really nice smile
hey thanks all, i dint even know there is a kenyan community here!

i'm in madeley near landsdale

i go to playgroup once a week but thats about it, and take DS swimming every friday

If you lived near me I would love to meet you! I am always interested in meeting people with different background etc!

But alas, north queensland is a bit too far sad
yes QLD is abit far:) i'm from kenya but of indian origin:)

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