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I am not a smoker (the odd one when Miss Kristy,Mary and I get together but that is twice a year !! lol lol ) ...

do you think the price rise is going to make people quit or do you think something else in the household is going to go to free up money for the fags ??
Smoking is an addiction ..I dont think it would matter how much they cost ..if your addicted to smoking then I think your going to pay for them no matter how much they cost ..I think this is definatly revenue raising ...I am against revenue raising is how this country works ...but this is not an attempt to get people to quit is an attampt to make more money ....I think at best it will stop a habbit forming in a young perosn so I guess if that is the only thing it does then that is a good thing !!

I really worry about the people with familys who are smokers and already struggling ...the price rise is really going to affect them and their kids !!

and what about this bull about them not having any graffics on the packet ?? what a crock !! lol lo lol

thoughts ???

(I am not a smoker but I was for 12 years before I had my kids ...I love smoking and I wait patiently for the press release where they say "ooops ..sorry ..smoking is actually really good for you and we were wrong wont kill you !! " thinks I will be waiting for a while !! .. lol lol ..I love the smell and I love how it makes me feel everything apart from the small fact it is going to kill me !! lol lol lol lol....just want to say I am not anti smoking !! )

i don't smoke but the news article i read said something like they were going to go up from $17 odd to $20 a packet. I don't see that deterring anyone really. How anyone affords a pack a day I will never know!!

They really should ban it but they make so much from the tax (and now they make even more) that i don't see that happening.
i have NEVER smoked, i dont drink either lol, df thinks im boring! but IMO i think they should just stop making the stinky things! nothing annoys me more than walking past someone smoking or seeing butts all over the ground!
There was a thread along these lines yesterday. Not sure where it went. Perhaps it got nasty and was deleted ?????

Im a light smoker. (Not nearly as bad as I used to be and as I said yesterday I NEVER once had a cigarette during either of my pregnancies and I NEVER smoke in front of my children. I smoke at night when they've gone to bed smile) The price rise wont make a lick of difference to me, but as I said I don't smoke that much any more. For somebody smoking a pack a day it will have a massive impact. I would NEVER put buying cigarettes before housing, feeding, clothing my children!!

I agree that this tax is totally revenue raising. I can guarantee you the 25% extra tax they are making on cigarettes will not go towards helping people to quit.

A price rise will not stop people from smoking. If people don't want to give up they wont. They will sacrifice something else in order to smoke.

My SIL works at Woolies and said a guy came in yesterday (before the tax was enforced) and bought $1500 worth of cigarettes and said he would be back for more blink

personal i used to smoke b4 i found out that i was pregnent once i did find out i dont touch 1 again after that and i dont like it around me or my ds as for your question i dont think putting them up will make many ppl stop u really need a good reason to stop smoking well thats how it worked for me ppl will find the money some how and thats what i said to my partner last night when it was on the news ppl are gonna keep smoking no matter what well thats what i think anyway i could b wrong
I'm not a smoker but Rob is and the price increase as made him think twice about buying another pack.
As of about 9pm yesterday he had none left and has vowed not to buy another pack as the increase is too much. His smokes have gone form $12.40 to $14.15 and he cant justify $15 a pack, that's why he wont ever get them from the servo for milkbar.
So for us, the increase is a great thing as it now means that we will hopefully have him around that little bit longer.
DH and I smoked a pack a day each for many years. We have both not had a single ciggy for 2.5 years now (yay for us!!) but I can honestly say that the price wouldn't matter if we were still smoking - we'd go without somewhere else if we had to.

I think that the price rise WILL however make cigarettes less affordable for children and HOPEFULLY make people think twice before starting to smoke (as if you need any more reasons not to smoke!). Though if that ad with the poor woman with mouth cancer doesn't stop you from having a try of a ciggy, I don't know what will.
Yes i smoke will the price hike make me quit.. no.. Will I be sacrificing anything in my household to afford my habit? No..

Do I think it is just a pure money grab absolutly, the gov tried it with the alcopops tax n that got shut down so they have to try some other way.

Will the change in the packaging have any affect? ummm no that is the most ludicrous thing i've ever heard, no one buys them because the branding is pretty or anything, if anything their changes in the packaging have made it harder, the old way of decreasing your mg of cigarettes to quite went out the window years ago when they were made to stop putting that on the packet, now the only way you know if your smoking a lesser or higher mg smoke is purely by taste.. Worse comes to worse all the change in packaging will do will maybe (and big maybe) is increase the sale of cigarette cases..

I'm a social smoker so it wont really have a huge impact on me.

I think it's a stupid idea, smoking is an addiction and people need help to quit so now they have raised the price on them they SHOULD put the money into programs to assist people to quit but they wont I mean why would they when they aren't really raising the price to 'stop' people from smoking instead they're raising it because they know there are people out there that WILL fork out the money for smokes regardless of how much the price is raised.

yes i smoke.....yes probably too much.....will this make me quit??? NO....

but i just bought a pack of fags this morning and at my little supermarket there was no price change???

but i just bought a pack of fags this morning and at my little supermarket there was no price change???

SHHHH keep it to yourself lady you're onto a good thing LOLB)

SHHHH keep it to yourself lady you're onto a good thing LOLB)

lol i wont admit how many i bought lol
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