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What did u feed ur puppy? Rss

We got a Border Collie pup today .. he will be 9wks on Tuesday .. what did u feed ur pup at this age?
Saffy was 4 mths yesterday, she gets 1 1/2 wheatbix for breaky crushed and mixed with hot water and a little puppy milk and she generally gets either supercoat puppy food with some diced carrot or mince, dry food and carrot for dinner. At 9 weeks she was also getting lunch, at that point she would get wheatbix for breaky, mince and a little dry food for lunch and dry food for dinner.

You will need to talk to the puppy's breeder if you are buying direct from them and find out exactly what the dog is being fed now and I would highly recommend starting out feeding him exactly what the breeder is feeding him then, if you want to change his diet at all, slowly introduce the new food in with the current food and gradually increase the new food. This is so his little tummy can adjust to the new diet over time or you may end up with a sick little puppy if his diet changes suddenly. I find Supercoat to be a fantastic dry food for dogs, it's complete in its nutritional content and is a great budget food, I personally think the science diet/eukanuba and the like to be over priced and really no better in the end.

I should add, that if I am cooking crumbed chicken fillets for us for dinner, Saffy gets chicken offcuts (raw) and the left over egg from the crumbing process and dry food all mixed together for dinner. Makes a nice change for her occasionally and the raw egg is brilliant for her coat.

We fed out rotty when she was a puppy, weetbix with warm milk and put the calcium powder on it for her bones, she also would get puppy pal but didn't like it, so we would h\give her chicken, kangaroo mince.
As she started getting older and even now (2yrs) we only feed her nature's Gift dry food as it has no additives or preservitives.
"Which food" is a difficult question to answer so I'll just chip in to give our experience with Orijen, which is what we feed Sally. She loves it a lot. I think it's just a case of finding a food that works for your dog, this info may help
Because puppies need so many nutrients to grow, it’s important to give them food that provides complete and balanced nutrition.
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