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WARNING Crocs (shoes) and escalators Lock Rss

My girlfriend was wearing crocs today and went on an escalator - it ate her croc shoe - thankfully her foot slipped out and she only got a slight cut on her big toe.
She was telling her friend about it, and he said to her, "Yeah, check out youtube, Crocs and escalators are bad news"... She has since emailed everyone on her list to spread the word...

So please, if your kids are wearing crocs, be bloody careful around escalators/travelators
the escalators/travellators at my shops have a croc warning on them now
OMG!! thats horrible! thanks for the warning i wont be letting DD1 wear her croc shoes shopping cos we use escaloators reguarly and normally she asks to wear them out but i normally say no cos they are hard for her to walk in anyway lol

I don't think this problem is isolated to Crocs. I have seen escalators and travelators stopped because thongs, a womans pants and a childs hair got stuck on them.

They are dangerous for kids and adults. I always make Emily stay on her Strolli when we are on travelators. If it is just her and I then I carry her on them.

Why don't they have yellow lines down the sides like they used to? It was a warning to stay away from the side...... I don't understand!

Is OVER rude people

I wanted to add that I shudder when I see kids wearing inappropriate shoes when riding bikes, scooters and skateboards. OMG, I thought that all parents warned children of the dangers of not wearing joggers when riding bikes etc. I good friend lost 3 toes off one foot because she never wore shoes when riding her bike..... the spoke sliced them to bits!

Is OVER rude people

I heard a news story about a year ago about a little boy who got his croc shoe caught in an escalator and it broke his foot. To hear it happen again is scarey, I was just looking at buying some for my DD and now I definately won't be!
i wouldn't let my kids wear crocs cos they are just plain ugly!
In my opinion they are not going out shoes anyway. My kids only wear them around the yard and that is it.

They provide no protection if they step on glass or a needle! That will be the next big story.... some poor kid walking on a HIV positive needle!!!!!!

Is OVER rude people

I don't think it is just croc shoes, be careful where you place your feet on those things, my brothers foot got stuck into an escalator when he was a kid and even though mum was yelling at ppl to turn the escalator off it didn't turn off until he reached the top.
He is ok, but was told he wouldn't be able to ran etc etc, you can something had happen to his foot, but pls watch your feet and your children, they used to have the yellow lines on them, but i don't think they do anymore.
But thanks for the warning, it is always on my mind when i got on one.

mummy of 2 girls

Posted by: wathy*flaps
i wouldn't let my kids wear crocs cos they are just plain ugly!

BAHAHAHA my thoughts exacty

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