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im thinking i must be jelous deep down . because for some reason when i read ppl say oh we just make ends meet with hubby earning 75-120k plus a yr plus there work it really irritates me lol. i hope no1 takes offence i dont mean it that way its just when hubby works 50-60hrs a week an i study and juggles 2 kids we still live ok off ALOT less than that yeah we budget an i know my study will pay off and one day we too will b in the same financial position i guess every1 gets comfortable in there own shoes but i honestly thing 75k plus a yr can be budgeted to live quite comfortable no "making ends meet"

The way I look at it is that the more money you spend, usually the more bills you have to pay. Hubby earns a pretty good wage, however out of that comes the usual bills plus whatever our investment property costs us, plus whatever else it is that we purchase.

We do buys lots of stuff that we don't need, but simply want. I buy the kids lots of reasonably expensive clothes and pretty much justify it by knowing that they will wash well and still look good at the end of the season. I don't have to buy the more pricey clothes, but I do. I wouldn't if we didn't have the money for it.

Once you have kids in swimming, dancing, sports it all adds up too. I spend $46 per fortnight just for my kids swimming lessons, that equates to $1150 per year. If you go to a gym... that is more money...

It all adds up.

Is OVER rude people

I guess it also depends on peoples commitments and situations. We earn in that margain (both of us working full time) bu t our mortgage is $700 a week, car payment $120 week, school and daycare fees (theres atleast $200 week) so it does add up.
We are lucky to have those things dont get me wrong, but as i said it is all differentfor everytone
we are in that bracket too when i go back part time and believe me when i say we are JUST going to scrape by. according to our budget we will be just $28 per fortnight ahead (savings) when i go back to work. that includes all the essentials for a 2 and a 6month old plus child care, mortgage and all the bills that go with a house etc. it all adds up.
I dare say my mum would be jealous of what you guys earn.... lol.... she has lived for the last 32 years on a carers pension and my father on the disability pension. Thought out all those years on the measly amount the government give them they raised 3 children, put all of them through dancing, kept us clothed, fed and with a roof over our heads.

There was no insurance payout and nothing has changed to their circumstances. Atleast you can see that your income will increase in the future and living will be that little bit easier. Imagine if you knew that nothing was EVER GOING TO CHANGE. That you would never have anymore money than you currently get on a that is depressing.

I remember mum juggling money from one week to another. Working out what bills she could hold off until the next pension payment. I can remember that she would have a fortnight every so often when there were no bills to pay, that is when she would look for gifts to put away for upcoming birthday and christmas, we would also get takeaway that week... lol

Mum also had no car for most of my childhood, she just couldn't afford it. That was pretty sad as it left mum standed up home with kids and a husband in a wheelchair..... I would give anything to my mum, she did a marvellous job of raising us on very little money, and I am the person I am today because OF HER.

Is OVER rude people

i understand how you feel and i dont think it is jealousy but possibly a bit of pride in how wonderfully you cope with less

but i think a lot of people my self included spend all their means or above them and therefore no matter what bracket your in you spend to that
this can also mean a planned savings scheme where you are putting away money for schooling and future but because it is taking straight away it is not useable income

as some one said the bills on there investment property are still payments that have to be made and you find yourself with little usable income at the end of the week wether you are on 75k 125k or 15k

people who work their butts off to earn that $75k+ a year probably get irritated by people like you who are jealous.

no one stops to think about how many hours, let alone years of hard work those people put in to get where they are.
People look at those with successful businesses and lots of assets and get jealous but you could have it too. but you have to be in the right business or think outside the box and create something that the public demands and then you too can earn big money providing a service etc.

it annoys me because you have no idea how big the bills are for people earning that money. their expenses are just as great as anyone else but on a different scale.

especially if they own a business. they have rent to pay, employees, insurance, tax, gst, all the other stuff that goes with it.

if you want more, do something to get more.

not trying to be harsh but everyone has the same opportunities in this country. but only a small percentage actually grab them
2Cute, you raise many good points. I get irritated with the amount of calls my hubby gets at home, it drives me insane. The phone can ring at any hour..... Even worse if when hubby is up and off to work at 1am because something has gone wrong, doesn't come home just starts his usual work day at 7am. Then he isn't home until around 7pm! So, he has just worked at 18 hour day for a whopping 8 hours pay..... It is all good to say he earns good money, but we would all be better off if he worked a normal job where you get paid overtime. Atleast he would be at home more and we would be much better off financially.

Is OVER rude people

if you are earning 75 k a year your bills are only what you make them sames as anyone earning money

the other stuff mentioned is part of your turnover so doesn't come out of your 75k earnings

yes taxes may be higher when you earn more but other than that as i said your bills like my bills are what i make them
gas depends on usage power depends on usage mortgage depends on borrowing

great post 2 cute.

my dh is looking for another job which will allow him to spend more time with the family and not be on demand from his useless staff all the time who call every day on his day off. it will probably pay less but quality is better than quantity in this instance. and by no means are we any where near high income earners.
My DH earns great money but he is on a salary so he doesn't get paid over time. 3 weeks ago he spent from 8am till 1am there everynight for the week. Then even when on our holiday there were calls daily.
By the time we pay the home loan, the car loan and all the bills there isn't alot left
people who earn more will usually buy a nicer/bigger house
they will usually drive a nicer/more expensive car

etc etc

and if they can afford to then why shouldnt they. if having that lifestyle means they just make ends meet on a 75k income, whats wrong with that?

at least they can downgrade if they get desperate. but if they choose to enjoy the money they work hard for, they shouldn't be judged for that. you can't take it with you when you die!

people who get jealous are just not happy with how THEY are choosing to live. im not jealous of rich people just because im not rich. most of them have sacrificed enormous amounts to "succeed" in what they do. and they aren't necessarily happier for it.

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