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I gave him the night-time pain relief.. it calmed him down. And then he totally lost it and is screaming his head off again.

I am nearing the end of my tether, he has been screaming since 7 this morning. Wont eat. Wont drink. Wont cuddle.

What do I do????
Is there anyone you can call to come over and give you a 10 min break??

Put him in his cot where he is safe and go outside for just a few mins to get some air.

sorry i cant be more help.
We are at home alone - I have put him in his cot and am trying to speak to the nurse but am on hold... I swear I have tried everything that has worked in the past.

Am about to burst into tears!
I would suggest you go out for a nice long walk...
Do you have a pram?
sweetie GBH is their any way you can get someone to get your car keys to you?? I would suggest taking him for a drive..
Inno with the lil man when he is beyond over tired and literally bouncing off the walls n screaming at least he's made to stay in one spot and sometimes it does take a lil while but it does eventually calm them down

Hey P, I saw earlier hehas an ear infection?? If he is this distraught, its possible he has burst his eardrum. Hence the not wanting to lie down or even cuddle.I think you should take him in to emerg and get him seen to. If the pain relief is having zero effect he must be in ALOT of pain. My DS burst his eardrum with an ear infection and he was in so much pain it wasn't funny. It does heal, but you can't let him go on like this.
I didnt even consider that! It all makes sense though... I will call the hossy now and see if I can go in...

Will let you all know. Mum is home now so she can give me a bit of a break for a few minutes while I at least have a shower and a cry.

Thanks for all the advice ladies, your all gems!
just wondering how things are going??

Hope he's settled down a bit for you, and things went OK at the hossy.....
just thought i would say i hope all is ok.
I have purferated my ear drum 3 times. I was asleep twice and once i was balling my eyes out (but i dont remember it) but once it happened it felt much better!
Hopefully its just the pain form the ear infection... GBH to you and your little one.

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