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What's your favourite?

Mine is Mary's Boy Child, followed closely by When A Child Is Born.

Love carols! The house has been sounding like a shopping centre for over a week now LOL!
So many to choose from! This year I am singing the solo of O Holy Night and Mass, so best say that one. It is a beautiful song. Also love Mary Mary and Wham's Last Christmas (well not quite a Carol, but very boppy!!!)
I love O Holy Night too! I don't seem to have that one on any of my collections though sad
oops i meant at Mass.

Anyhoo, download it. Il Divo sing a beautiful version of it. Very traditional.
There's so many, but I always come back to Silent Night.. There are quite a few great versions of this out there smile
anything by bing
gotta have bing at christmas
(bing crosby that is)

Mine would have to be 'so this is christmas' I cry everytime I hear it, My Grandad use to sing it each year and it just reminds me of him.
mine is my snowed in album. its got the traditional songs silent night o holy night plus some original hanson christmas songs.

i also really love santa wear your shorts lol everytime i hear it im singing it for ages after wards damn Hi5 and being so catchy haha

my favourite is joy to the world
my favourite christmas song is little drummer boy

I'm with LA78

Also Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

I used to do carolling back in my younger days, love them!

Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

Posted by: prouddadof3
my favourite is joy to the world
my favourite christmas song is little drummer boy

lol @ Mr Pedantic!

Although depending on what definition you use for a carol, Little drummer boy would be a carol as it is about the nativity, and has quite a simple rhythm?
my 3 are white trash christmas, the restroom door say gentlemen, christmas at ground zero
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