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Would you go to a beauty/hair salon specifically designed for mums with children in tow?

With a designated safe enclosed play area, somewhere you dont need to worry about upsetting other customers if your child is a little noisy or gets upset?

It can be so hard to feel pretty & pampered when your a busy mum, so this would be specifically targeted towards that.

So what do you think?

What would you look for? And want it to offer you?

Most definantly would, i have been waiting to get my hair done for a while now, but cant exactly take bubs with me way to noisy..

Yes your on to a great idea there!
yep definatley! I find it hard cos I have to find a baby sitter first which I often can't! Brillant idea
thats actually a really good idea.. inno i often feel gulty if the lil man is going a bit rank n i often wonder how staff n that feel about it..

What would i look for:
Needs to be clean
Toys safe to be played with with minimum supervision (so your not having to get up every 5 mins to rescue them)
ummm dunno wot else.. i guess you'd need to be able to see the kids no matter where u were in the salon

Great thanks ladies.

Is there anything specific you'd look for in a place like that?

Room to park prams?

Baby swing?

Toddler area?

For waxing (not any private areas they'd be done in private lol), treatments etc would you prefer to have them in a private room or in view of your children?

Great thanks KellynDarcy

Im looking at doing a corner of the room for the kids. With a safety gate & fence (similar to pool fencing) so kids cant get out on their own, but still easily visable for child & mum.

Floors covered in one big foam mat so comfortable to play, soft for falls, but still easy to keep clean.
There would be basic toys in there like fisher price house, blocks, books, balls, big blackboard up on the wall etc. But clients are welcome to bring anything from home that the child likes too.

GREAT idea!
i wouldnt be to sure about my baby being around all the chemicals and stuff so maybe a separate room with a total glass wall so u can see the kids but not exposed to the chemicals. and maybe even employ someone with a childcare certificate to actually look after them. charge a few dollars per hour extra to cover the costs and stipulate that the care is only while the mother is getting hair waxing etc not so she can go do shopping etc i guess like a creche at the gym etc?

I would love that. Go somewhere that i can get a haircut and not have to worry about bub making too much noise and annoying other people.

hmmmmm good in theory, and i'm sure some mums would defintley go for it. However a trip to the day spa is for me - and me alone! Perhaps a glass of bubbly and a good girlfriend. Also concerned about the fumes with things like dyes, nails, spray tans etc....

Hmmm perhaps a creche attached to it, but also seperate from it would be a better idea. Just a thought!
Yup i would certainly go.. it's hard to find someone to look after kids just to get a haircut! And i don't like taking my terrible 2 yr old toddlers anywhere. LOL..
I would look for
room to fit pram

Thanks for the input guys.

I would LOVE to be able to set it up with a totally seperate room with glass walls, however that is highly expensive and to begin with the business will be small Im sure. Should it grow to become highly successful with a large client base it would be something I would look at doing.

For spray tans etc, they would obviously have to be done in a seperate area away from other clients and children.
Nails which can be quite smelly too would be as far away as possible in a well ventilated area.

At the moment its all just at the planning phase but hoping to bring it into reality sometime in 2010.

a good idea especially for those mums who have no choice but bring the kids along, but I would not go there, a few hours away from my troops is what I look for lol.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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