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New Car Q?? Lock Rss

We're planning to have a few more babies so we are in the market for a new vehicle. We need one with 4 anchor points and easy acess to the back seats (all for children will be under the age of 5).

Any suggestions???
Do cars have more than 3 anchor points? I have no idea, just wanted to say you are mad! Can I send you B&B, sure to put you off having more kids! LOL....oooo and are you pg and not telling?

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I am 95% certain that this has 4/5 anchor points in it and it looks like a beautiful car.

I've got a 7 seat Kluger and it only has 3, same with Prado, Tarago and Patrol. You could try and find out about Pajero, Honda Odyssey, Trajet and Terracan but I'm fairly sure they are the same.

You can always purchase a 7 seater car and have an anchor point professionally installed into the car, but it's a metal pole inserted through the back of the seat and can take up alot of valuable boot space (which you'll certainly need with 4 kids under 5!).
Don't quote me but we have a 7 seater 09 Territory and I am pretty sure it has 4? anchor points, when I get changed out of my jarmies I'll go check for sure BUT it isn't the easiest task in the world to get kids buckled in in the 3rd row.


Hi Mumcha, we are in this exact position right now.

We will have 4 children 5 and under so need 4 anchor points, we are yet to find a vehicle that has this!!
And all of the car yards have told us it is illegal to have booster seats in the back row of seats!! So I have no idea what we are supposed to do?? And of course you cant put children in the front seat. I feel like they have changed the car seat laws without really thinking about it, I think it is a great idea for kids to be in seats longer but it should be a suggestion not law, because we will probably get fined no matter what we do because cars aren't suited to 4 cars seats, which many people need!

We are looking at 3 cars at the moment, but with all of them my eldest will have to sit illegally in a booster seat in the back row with no anchor point sad
we are looking at the mazda CX9, mitsubishi outlander and the holden captiva. apparently you can have a 'crab bar' engineered in but then you lose basically all of the boot space, which is very minimal to begin with.

If anyone has other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Even some of the bigger 4WD's only have a lap sash seatbelt in the middle seat so that seat is not suitable for kids either.

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ha ha Bob - all I can say is "Watch this space....."

And yes some days I do think I'm mad but hey may as well go the whole hog and be totally bonkers!

princessdora I have a bad feeling that there are no cars out there that have 4 anchor points with access to all seats unless we go for something like a van or tarago (mind you the new tarago's aren't that ugly).
don't quote me on it but I have heard that the Kia Carnival is the only one with more than two anchor points, but me personally wouldn't buy one as they are shoddy. Good luck, I will be watching this post!
mitsubishi grandis has 5 factory anchor points.. its a 7 seater, and the 3rd row seats flip backwards... middle ro slide forward...

if you have one in a booster, you can put them in the middle row, and unclip it to slide seat forward, i did that at one stage, super easy, otherwise just flip the 5 anchor seats in 3rd row backwards, put child in and then sit them upright again.

at this particular point in time, we have the 3 5pt harness seats in the middle row, and the booster in 3rd row... the seat beside it is flipped flat while we buckle her belt in (she cant do it herself) then we let the 7yo climb in, and put the backrest back up...

if your in no huge rush to get it, we will be there in march 1st. and possibly also over the christmas break too, if you want to have a looksie...
(they also have a 5/10 warranty) the 10 yrs is on the power train! eg, engine, gearbox etc etc)

the kia carnival are a BIG car, tonnes of room and 8 seats, with at least 4 anchor points, i cant remember exactly how many.. but they do guzzle fuel...

they have since changed their motors and no longer have issues there... its the demo car at my dads work, and one that we did consider

the oddesy has 5 anchor points, lovely car HOWEVER... proceede with caution! the middle row anchor points, bolt above the head of the 3rd row... so not only will children fiddle, but i shudder of what might happen in the event of an accident... i coudnt get that image out of my head... wouldnt be pretty.

another option is the hyundai imax... lovely car, lots of anchor points, extremely roomy but also like a bus... we expluded it as it was so big and i wanted to access under shopping fair etc... and there would have been parts i couldnt go under.. just like with the carnival.

any other Q's just ask... alot of your 4wd's have only 2 or 3, and you cant fit extras into them without huge modifications. dont mistake the luggage hooks as anchor points..

torago has only 2 from memory? maybe 3? cant remember exactly, i hired one for a few weeks early in the year

we have a Tarago and the middle row has 3 anchor points in it, we had the RACV fit the bar in the back for anchor poits in the back row, it has not altered the car and not taken away from our boot space one bit. You can have Tarago's fitted with 6 anchor points if it is specifically asked for when they are building the car in the factory....

Love my car So economical on fuel and low cost to run and fix.... very spacey too
yes i alsohad a chrysler voyaer with the bar added.the bars are good. but they cant fit them to the 4wd's cause we looked at that option. we actually had a contract on one,but then found out that to get the anchor points fitted meant a 3inch steel bar at window height, taking up ALOT of the boot space.

the torago i had, was hired, and had no extra ancor points.. it was a 2008model i think? as tht was jan this year.i did not inquire about having extras in that as obviously it wasnt mine lol. and also, i dont know if it was just cause it as hire car.. it only had about 5 000km on the clock, but OMG it chewed the fuel and spat it out! for a full tank i was lucky to get 250km!

etd to fix missed keys. also i had itfor approx 6 weeks.. costing the dept over 5000 to hire lol
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Kia Carnival has 4 hooks, my friend has one, its a 2002 model. it came like that, there almost roomy too

The extra anchor points are factory fitted when car is built so people would have to specifically request them when they bought it brand new.

There are few different Tarago models now our is a 4 cylinder so cheaper to run.... you can now get a 6 cylinder and a V6 versions which would increase running costs substantially....
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